What does ‘let him cook’ mean on TikTok?

An avid TikToker might have recently come across the term ‘let it cook’. With over 150 million views on TikTok, the hashtag is trending as many people are creating slang videos. However, has anyone wondered what it means?

According to the Urban Dictionary, the term means “let him do his thing.” While the term is commonly used as a catchphrase and is common pop culture slang, it is also used to give someone space to hone their craft. The slang became part of common slang after it was used in American football.

Many TikTokers have also been using slang to flirt. According to Knowyourmeme, the slang’s origin year dates back to 2010. However, gaining popularity recently, many TikTokers have been using the slang in their videos on social media.

A good example of jargon would be if someone is completing a task a certain way, and a second person comes in and interferes, the third person might say, “let him cook.” This may mean that they are asking the second person to let the first person do things their way.

More than 28,000 people have made videos using the audio of the song Let him cook
With its growing popularity, ‘let him cook’ is not just a meme or slang, it has now become a song, with a man singing:

“Oh look, let him cook!”
Since then, various people have created many videos about the song and made it a viral trend. As of this writing, more than 28,000 people have used the song to create TikToks.

At the same time, many others are also taking to other social media platforms, such as Twitter, and posting their videos with the caption “let it cook” on the platform.

However, it is not just this slang that has become all the rage on social media, various other slang words have also been gaining ground on social media.

Latest TikTok Slang Words With Their Meanings Explored
TikTok is a place where slang becomes extremely popular, and it can become a tedious task for many people to keep up with the slang words. Aside from ‘let it cook’, various other internet slangs have recently gained popularity on social media. Some of them are:

1437 – A TikTok code that means “I love you forever” as the number represents the number of letters according to the alphabets.
BMS – A common TikTok slang meaning “broke my scale”. This is usually given as a reference to a person’s attractiveness.
IB – Standing for “inspired by,” slang is commonly used by people who want to give credit to a particular influencer or creator for a certain content idea.
POV: If a user is active on TikTok, they may have seen a lot of videos using this slang. Used as a shortened form of “Point of View”, the slang refers to the point of view of the cameraman in a particular video.
SMH: Known as short for “shake your head,” the abbreviation is used to react to a person or with content to express concern.

As new slang words emerge every day, it becomes imperative for social media users to keep up with slang words and trends.