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Leilani Beauchamp‘s remains were found in Monterey County on October 31. A pair of brothers and a member of the United States Air Force were arrested in connection with the fatal shooting of a California woman after a Halloween party. Travis Air Force Base aviator Juan Parra-Peralta, 20, was arrested on suspicion of being an accessory to murder but has not yet been charged.

He was released on a $ 25,000 bond, according to CBS13. Authorities believe Jessica Quintanilla shot and killed Beauchamp at Parra-Peralta’s home in Fairfield. “It looks like it could be a love triangle situation, but it is still being actively investigated,” said Deputy Chief Prosecutor Paul Sequeira, reports the KCRA.

Leilani Beauchamp Age

Leilani Beauchamp was 19 years old.

Leilani Beauchamp Cause of Death – Suspect

Jessica Quintanilla, 21, was charged Tuesday with murder in connection with the death of 19-year-old college student Leilani Beauchamp. Her brother Marco Quintanilla, 27, is charged with an accessory to murder and a probation violation associated with a felony conviction for attempted murder. The brothers are scheduled to be arraigned on November 4, reports CBS13.

New details emerged Tuesday about the brutal weekend murder of a 19-year-old woman in Fairfield after leaving a Halloween party in Sacramento. Three people, including an aviator from Travis Air Force Base, have been charged in the fatal shooting of Carmel resident Leilani Beauchamp.

Monica Beauchamp, the victim’s grandmother, is still trying to understand how her granddaughter’s life was taken. She is beyond what I expect of humanity. What Lelani deserves, she didn’t deserve for her life to end this way, ”she said. She said that Leilani had a passion for life and had two younger siblings.

“She had a lot of people who loved her, just a great, fun family,” Beauchamp said. Jessica Quintanilla, 21, of Pittsburg, faced a judge for the first time Tuesday. She is accused of fatally shooting Beauchamp inside the home of Juan Parra-Peralta, 20, a Fairfield resident and Travis AFB airman. The district attorney told CBS 13 that he believed he and Quintanilla were in a romantic relationship at the time of the murder.

“This appears to be a love triangle situation,” the district attorney said. Parra-Peralta and Jessica Quintanilla’s brother Marco Quintanilla, a 27-year-old Pittsburg resident, now face charges of accessory to murder. Fairfield police say Leilani, a native of Carmel, was last seen early Saturday morning leaving a Halloween party in Sacramento.

She left with two members of the Air Force on active duty and ended up at the Parra-Peralta home. Police said her body was found in Monterey County. Her family says she knew the aviator before the party and had even been to his Fairfield home before. “He wasn’t going to a party with people he didn’t know,” Beauchamp said. Her family must now pick up the pieces of what they call a senseless murder.

The Quintanillas will return to court for a full arraignment Thursday afternoon. Officials from Travis Air Force Base said Parra-Peralta was released from the Solano County Jail on Monday, on a $ 25,000 bond. He is back at the base. CBS 13 was told that he is under the close surveillance of his sergeant and commander and is still on active duty, although he faces the charge of accessory to murder.

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