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English singer Lee Ryan, best known for being one of the lead singers of the boy band Blue, has been found guilty of racially assaulting a black female British Airways cabin crew member.

The incident reportedly occurred on July 31, 2022, when the 39-year-old singer was on a flight from Glasgow to London. Ryan told a flight attendant named Leah Gordon that he wanted the “chocolate kids” from her.

Jurors present at Ealing Magistrate Court were told that Lee was drunk on a whole bottle of port before boarding the delayed flight and that he was “stammering and staggering”.

Denied more alcohol and asked to return to his seat, Lee Ryan called Gordon a “chocolate cookie” before grabbing her wrists.

The All Rise singer was found guilty of assaulting a police officer, being drunk on a flight, behaving in an abusive manner and racially aggravated common assault by striking a cabin crew member.

Leah Gordon, the flight attendant at the time, recounted her experience with Lee Ryan.

On Thursday, January 12, Leah Gordon appeared in court and testified that Ryan initially called her “beautiful” before putting the shades on her face. She told the court:

“I was making comments about my complexion, you are my chocolate love, my chocolate cookie, and I am going to have your chocolate children. She felt like she was saying that she was beautiful to a black person by the way she was describing my color.”

Gordon said that Lee Ryan approached him later and told him that he needed a kiss from her before he got off the flight. When she told him to “stay away from her”, he grabbed her wrists, but was interrupted by the passengers.

“He was towering over me, like he was leaning in for a kiss. I was intimidated, felt a little embarrassed like I wasn’t doing my duty properly. Getting comments about my color, whether intentional or not, was just unacceptable and so derogatory. I felt it wasn’t fair and I shouldn’t have to put up with it. I don’t go to work to be mugged or harassed.”

In an interview with authorities read in court, Lee Ryan stated that he “wished” he could call Gordon, apologize, and offer him tickets to Blue’s next tour.

Apologizing for his behavior, he said it was just “drunken pranks” and he didn’t mean to upset anyone.

“Sorry. My band member is black, I’m not racist, I’ve had black girlfriends, mixed race girlfriends. I didn’t mean to cause anyone distress or be racist, just a poor choice of words I guess.

He also claimed that his actions were simply “playful” and denied that the use of the word chocolate was racist.

“I’m sorry I touched her, but that’s all I did, touch her lightly, by her admission.”
Lee Ryan also stated that he does not remember biting a police officer when he was arrested at London airport. As of this writing, his sentencing date has not been scheduled.