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Leah Pearse Wiki, Biography

On January 6, 2023, 20-year-old Massachusetts woman Leah Pearse was killed in a tragic accident at an Airbnb in Mexico. According to her obituary, she mistakenly left the keys inside the apartment and to enter she decided to go up to the balcony. That’s when the accident happened and Leah Pearse slipped. According to reports, she died at the scene.

The 20-year-old was on vacation and had gone to Cancun to spend a day at the beach. After that, she returned to her Airbnb and met with a fatal accident. Pearse’s friends, family and acquaintances have been mourning the loss of the 20-year-old.

Leah was a nursing student at Simmons University from Haverhill. She has been described as someone who is confident and compassionate with a good sense of humor. Leah Pearse has also worked as a nursing assistant at Mass General Hospital.

Nursing student Leah Pearse fell to death from an Airbnb balcony while vacationing in Mexico

Leah Pearse, a Simmons University student, spent a day at the beach in Cancun and was returning to her apartment when she died after slipping and falling from the balcony of an Airbnb in Mexico on January 6. Her obituary mentions that she had forgotten the keys inside. her apartment, which was on the third floor. After this, Leah decided to enter the house through the balcony. Her obituary further mentioned:

“Tragically, she slipped, fell and died instantly.”

Lynn Perry Wooten, president of the university, told CBS News that the entire campus was “heartbroken” by Leah’s tragic death. Wooten further stated:

“Known for her confidence, compassion and her sense of humor, Leah brought out the best in others. Her lifelong goal was to become a nurse, and she was an outstanding student in the accelerated five-year Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Nursing program.”

The Rector of the University continued:

“We extend our deepest thoughts and condolences to Leah’s family, friends, and all those in our community affected by this tragedy. Counseling and support services are available to both students and employees.”

Leah Pearse spent her last moments on the beach with her boyfriend

Leah graduated from Haverhill High School in 2020 and was studying nursing. As already mentioned, she was also a Certified Nursing Assistant at Mass General Hospital.

Recalling her last moments with her daughter, Leah Pearse’s heartbroken father Reggie told NBC10 Boston:

“The last thing I said to her… I just said, ‘Be careful,’ and she said, ‘I’ll try, Dad.’ As her father, I won’t be able to enjoy the trajectory she was on. I can only imagine what the future would have been like.”

Anna Pearse, Leah’s sister, stated:

“She was extremely unpredictable, extremely quirky, extremely funny.”

NBC10 Boston further reported that Leah Pearse’s last moments were with her boyfriend,

Bobby, on the beach in Cancun. Anna spoke about the couple, saying:

“All day, they were singing, ‘That’s Amore.’ She was so in love with him.”

Meanwhile, Leah’s mother, Amy Goldfarb, described her as a smart student, as she mentioned:

“She died at the top of her game. She was so happy. She was so in love. She had just gotten straight A’s. She was proud and excited for her future.”

The young woman has also been described as extremely hard-working. The family has found some comfort in knowing that Leah is happy wherever she is.

A memorial service will be held on January 13, 2023 at 3 p.m. local time in Haverhill.