Lawrence McGillvary aka Kai the Hitchhiker Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Fast Facts

Lawrence McGillvary aka Kai the Hitchhiker Wiki, Biography

Netflix will release a documentary about Caleb Lawrence McGillvary on Tuesday, January 10, 2023. Titled The Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker, the documentary will chronicle the meteoric rise and sharp fall of McGillvary, a former viral internet sensation.

In 2013, McGillvary, nicknamed Kai the Hitchhiker, was hailed a hero for saving a woman from a man by attacking her, only to be arrested for first-degree murder just three months later.

According to the streamer, the official synopsis for The Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker reads:

“A happy-go-lucky nomad becomes an unexpected hero through viral stardom before a downward spiral lands him in prison for a murder he says was self-defense.”

A Canadian, McGillvary (35) is currently serving a 57-year sentence and will be eligible for parole in 2061. He will be 73 when he gets out of prison.

Caleb Lawrence McGillvary killed a lawyer the day after meeting him

The Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker will show how a video made McGillvary an overnight celebrity and a first degree murder brought him down within months.

1) Crime and Arrest: Caleb Lawrence McGillvary apparently met with New Jersey attorney Joseph Galfy in Times Square on May 12, 2013. The individual welcomed the hitchhiker and allowed him to stay in the guest room. The next day, the lawyer’s body was discovered. After a three-week trial, McGillvary was convicted of first-degree murder in April and sentenced to six years in prison.

2) What McGillvary said in defense: When Caleb Lawrence McGillvary took the stand in 2019, he said in defense that Galfy (73) offered him a beer and passed out after drinking it. When he regained consciousness, the septuagenarian lawyer was allegedly “grinding and fucking” McGillvary, the convict said.

He then punched and kicked him in self-defense, but didn’t realize that Galfy was dead.

3) Why didn’t the court believe McGillvary’s version? Caleb Lawrence McGillvary’s statement did not match his police testimony, the prosecution argued. Galfy’s body had three skull fractures and four broken ribs, so the self-defense angle of the defense did not match.

4) Judge’s impression of McGillvary: Superior Court Judge Robert Kirsch described Caleb Lawrence McGillvary as “shrewd, cunning, deceitful and manipulative” adding that he is a “powder keg of explosive anger.” The judge was referring to McGillvary’s history of substance abuse, outbursts in court during the trial and problems with a violent temper.

5) Sentence and Jail Time: He was ultimately sentenced to 57 years in jail and before the possibility of parole, he will serve 85% of that term. In 2021, Caleb Lawrence McGillvary’s attempt to have his murder conviction overturned failed.

All of his arguments were dismissed by the New Jersey Court of Appeals, which emphasized the medical examiner’s testimony about Galfy’s injuries. The trial judge stated that McGillvary’s attack was “much more than just an effort to thwart a sexual advance”, as evidenced by the severity of the injuries.

All about the video that made McGillvary a celebrity

In February 2013, Fox Network affiliate television station KMPH uploaded a video of Caleb Lawrence McGillvary being heard recounting a heartbreaking incident.

According to him, he hitchhiked with a certain Jett Simmons McBride. While they were traveling, McBride allegedly attacked her wife and McGillvary saved her by hitting McBride with an axe.

In the Fresno, California-based video, he uses the words “Smash, Smash, SUH-MASH” to describe ax swings. The video set the internet on fire and McGillvary became an overnight celebrity.

Caleb Lawrence McGillvary was invited to appear on Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert’s talk show for an episode in which he was praised for his bravery after the Gregory brothers turned him into a song.

Just a few months later, he was arrested for murdering a New Jersey lawyer. Stream the Netflix documentary on Tuesday.