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Lauryn Ham is at 15 years old as per the sources. In any case, there is no predefined date of birth referenced on the web. The official let NBCLA know that the mother of the young lady who purportedly hit Lauryn Ham advised her to hit her. The video of the young lady hitting her has circulated around the web on the web. The stunning video is delivered by NBCLA where Alice Ham’s girl, Lauryn Ham is seen getting a wild roundhouse punch that wrecks her to the floor.

The casualty is presently on blackout convention. Mother Alice Ham said that she has not had the option to go to an everyday schedule on anything after the attack. As per her, she has been remaining in a dim room and attempting to get some rest. The episode occurred during a young ladies’ ball competition in Garden Grove over the course of the end of the week. The 15-year-old mother said that she was in absolute shock.

Lauryn Ham Age

Lauryn Ham is 15 years old.

Violent Caught-on-Camera

She added that individuals can see things occurring in the video however she couldn’t ever have envisioned that it would happen to her youngster. She further said that she was watching different kids play when the attack occurred. At the point when she went to help her kid, she was at that point holding a pack of ice and should have been helped into the vehicle. Lauryn Ham getting a blindside video has turned into a web sensation on the web. Watchers can see that the other group’s player takes and misses a three-point shot, then, at that point, falls in reverse, wrecking Lauryn in the video.

The two stand up yet as they return down the court, the other young lady charges over to Lauryn and takes the forceful swing that crushes into her jawline and throat and wrecks her.

The player who attacked her is supposed to be the little girl of a previous NBA player. Alice guarantees that an onlooker told her that the player’s mom induced her girl into the attack. She advised her little girl to hit her, claims Alice. Accordingly, she has documented a police protest with neighborhood law requirement however there are no updates about the examination.

NBCLA is not identifying the teen as she is underage. Lauryn Ham’s mother says her daughter’s love of basketball started in second grade. She went on to play in high school, then took her hoop skills as a guard into club play. She says what happened on the court was diagnosed as a concussion. She is home and recovering.

An attorney for the other 14-year old girl’s family told NBCLA: “It’s a very unfortunate incident involving two young minor girls. We are doing our best to investigate everything and anything that happened. Once we acquire all the necessary information we will make a statement.” As for Alice Ham, she considers the punch an assault and says she has filed a police report.

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