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Lauren Chen Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Height, Net Worth, Fast Facts

Lauren Chen Wiki, Biography

Lauren Elise Donovan, (née Chen: June 30, 1994) formerly known as Roaming Millennial, is a Canadian political commentator on YouTube and Evie Magazine contributor. She is a Christian conservative and has interned for Republican Paul Ryan.

She has a dog named Jellybean. Lauren lives in Canada with her husband Liam Donovan, and has a daughter born in 2022, named Riley. Chen’s first videos were cartoon based, covering cultural and political issues. She then featured many interviews of figures ranging from Jordan Peterson, Senator Marsha Blackburn, Michael Shermer, founder of The Skeptics Society, and YouTuber Milo Stewart. From 2019 to 2020, she produced a commentary show for BlazeTV titled Pseudointellectual. As of 2021, she produces commentary videos independently on her channel and hosts the podcast No Malarkey with Marie Oaks.

Chen identifies as a Christian nationalist, and claims that “Christianity is the only path away from degeneracy.” She has also collaborated with the controversial Christian duo Girl Defined. Chen claims the duo “do an amazing job” and are “a great resource.

“ Modern western society is a hot bed of degeneracy. […] I don’t advocate for or support modern progressive secularism. ”
―Lauren Chen’s grievance with modern Western society.

“ I honestly find it really really hard to defend what the West has become sometimes. Just on principle, I think right now, a crusade may be exactly what we need. ”
―Lauren Chen on saving the West.

She claims that separation of church and state, equality of races and sexes (politically for the sexes), are biblical. She also believes there is a breakdown of the family and that there is a rise of narcissistic hedonism and that it is degenerate.

Lastly, she claims that Christians are happier than atheists.

Views on Feminism

Chen is against modern feminism. She purports herself to be a traditional woman, writing articles for Evie Magazine against hookup culture and modern dating culture and making a video for PragerU about how women should date with a purpose: to get married. She is against casual sex. She’s claimed that masculinity is under attack by feminists, that “men are more effeminate now than they used to be”, and that masculinity isn’t appreciated as much anymore.


Chen has claimed The Bell Curve is factual, a book that addresses a difference in IQ between ethnic groups and how intelligence affects their ability to rise out of poverty. White nationalists have used this as an argument for white racial supremacy. She claims the author of this book Charles Murray is not racist. She herself believes that IQ is mostly genetic.

In May 2017, Chen hosted a three-part interview with Alt-Right leader Richard Spencer, asking questions regarding what the Alt Right is about. Chen received criticism for her approach to this interview, most notably from the YouTuber ContraPoints. In response, Chen defended Spencer by claiming “No one (Richard Spencer included) is advocating people be killed” and asking, “Has it occurred to you that maybe he isn’t exactly what the media has been trying to push?” In November 2019, Milo Yiannopoulos leaked an audio of Richard Spencer going on a racist, anti-Semitic tirade during the deadly Unite the Right rally.

“ It sounds a lot like your problem with the interview was that Richard Spencer came across too well. That he represented his points too reasonably. ”
―Lauren Chen

“ It’s interesting how those criticizing the interview have decided to attack me but have yet to argue against anything Spencer said in it. ”
―Lauren Chen

“ I don’t know if you guys saw this interview I did with Roaming Millennial (Lauren Chen) but she’s a very nice girl; she’s very smart. She’s basically like an alt-right..I guess sympathetic? She’s not really alt-right. She’s half Chinese. I think her dad is Chinese. Something like that. But she’s a very genuine person. Like again, it’s not her fault she’s mixed. She’s a genuine person and she’s open to it.

Chen defended right-wing podcaster and provocateur Nick Fuentes on at least three occasions. The first was when he called on his followers (known as Groypers) to hijack multiple TPUSA speaking event at Ohio State University, after Kirk, along with Ben Shapiro repeatedly avoided debates with him. During the event’s Q&A section, the Groypers asked questions as, “How does anal sex help us win the culture war?” referring to Turning Point USA’s Rob Smith, a homosexual.

Another Groyper told the crowd to Google “dancing Israelis”, which is in reference to a conspiracy theory alleging that Israel was responsible for 9/11. Following the event, Twitter user Will Chamberlain uploaded a clip of Fuentes going on a rant against Turning Point USA’s support of Israel. Chen replied in a now deleted tweet by stating, “I don’t know about the rest of Fuentes’ views, but there’s nothing antisemitic in this clip. Is it really that outrageous to ask why TPUSA focuses so much on Israel?” When Fuentes confronted Chen about deleting the tweet, she clarified, “I deleted the tweet because I was told those guys were from Politicon, not TPUSA. That aside though, I do stand by what I said.”

The second time was after MTV released a documentary titled “White Supremacy Destroyed My Life”, which focused in part on Fuentes’s alleged hateful rhetoric. Chen released her own video titled “MTV SCAMS Nick Fuentes.”

In 2021, Lauren defended Nick after he was put on a no-fly-list.

Lauren Southern
Chen has defended Lauren Southern, Brittany Sellner, and Martin Sellner, after they were detained and banned from the UK, blaming it on there being no freedom of speech in Europe. Their motives for coming to the UK were to interview Tommy Robinson, while Martin was planned to host an event.

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