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Lauren Balsamo and screenshots of her LinkedIn account indicated that she worked at Weill Cornell Medicine as an assistant research coordinator. Weill Cornell later issued a statement indicating that Balsamo was a former employee and hadn’t worked for them since January 2020.

Video has gone viral on social media showing a confrontation between two women at a bagel shop in New York. According to the person who posted the video on Facebook, Ally Goodbaum, the incident occurred at New York City Bagel Coffee House on Broadway and 30th Street in New York City.

Goodbaum said she noticed that a woman, later identified as Lauren Balsamo, was coughing in the shop and not wearing a mask. When she asked one of the employees of the store if they would enforce a mask-wearing policy for patrons, Balsamo reacted poorly and coughed on her. A short clip of the video was uploaded to Twitter and has been viewed over a million times:

Lauren Balsamo Age

Lauren Balsamo’s age is unknown.

Incident Escalated After Balsamo

Goodbaum’s post said that the events began when she noticed the unmasked woman coughing. Goodbaum then said she “politely pointed this out to the woman working at the store and told her that the store should enforce masks to worn by patrons while inside the store.” Goodbaum said Balsamo heard her request then became upset and began yelling at her, before walking over and intentionally coughing on her several times.

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In the video, Balsamo can be heard yelling at Goodbaum, “You’re a p***y,” before walking over to cough on her. Later in the video, she says that she has antibodies so she doesn’t have to wear a mask in public and tells Goodbaum to mind her business.

According to the CDC, there is still not enough information on antibodies for COVID-19 and whether they can prevent someone from getting reinfected. It still recommends that people with a positive antibody test follow recommendations for protecting themselves and others.


They wrote on Twitter: “Lauren Balsamo has not been an employee of WCM since Jan. 2020. As an institution on the COVID-19 frontlines, this behavior is shocking & abhorrent to us. Since WCM’s mission is to protect the health & wellbeing of all NYers, we condemn this flagrant disregard of public safety.” WCM also added a statement on Instagram:

They wrote in the caption: “Weill Cornell Medicine condemns the actions recently exhibited by a former employee in a video circulating on social media. This person has not been an employee of WCM since January of this year.”

Balsamo’s social media accounts have since been deleted.



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