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Laura Salvo Wiki – Laura Salvo Biography

Laura Salvo is a rally co-driver who was killed in a crash in Portugal. Salva was involved in a fatal accident in the first stage of the Rally Vidreiro in Portugal.

Her sister, Maria Salvo, is also a well-known and popular rally co-driver.

Salvo’s first race was in 2015. In total, Salvo competed in 37 rallies during her career. The Rally Vidreiro marked the first rally she competed in outside of Spain.

Laura Salvo Age

Laura Salvo was 21 years old.


Her accident occurred during the first stage of the Rally Vidreiro. A statement on the competition’s Facebook page. At the time of the crash, the car was being driven by Miguel Socias. The car went off the road and collided with another vehicle and a pine tree. Medics were on the scene within two minutes attempted to resuscitate Salvo. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

The car was being driven by Miguel Socias when it allegedly careered off the road and hit another vehicle. Medics rushed to the scene within two minutes of the horrific incident. They attempted to resuscitate her and an emergency helicopter was on standby.

But sadly, the talented co-driver is said to have died at the scene. Salva competed alongside Socias last season in the Suzuki Swift Cup. And she kicked off 2020 with an impressive win at the Rally del Bierzo. Her sister, Maria Salvo, is also a well-known and popular rally co-driver.

Tributes have poured in on social media following the tragic news of Salva’s death.

Peugeot Sport wrote: “Peugeot Sport wishes to express their sincerest condolences to the family and friends of co-driver Laura Salva, who died this morning following an accident at Rally Vidreio Centro in Portugal.”

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One heartbroken fan added: “The rally world have a new angel in heaven.”

Another added: “A day of mourning for all rally lovers after the tragic death of co-driver Laura Salvo this weekend in Portugal.”


Maria is her sister and a well-known rally driver, who was competing at the Rally Vidreiro. The sisters are native of the Spanish city of Valencia. In addition to her driving career, Salvo was also a keen guitarist and singer.

Her father was also a rally driver.

Laura Salvo Partner(Miguel Socias)

Salvo competed with Miguel Socias in the Suzuki Swift Cup. In September 2020, were successful in the Rally of Xixona. The started partnering together in September 2020.

Miguel is a native of the Spanish island of Mallorca. As a result of the crash, Socias was hospitalized with non-serious injuries.


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