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Larry Ray received a 60-year prison term on January 20 for starting a cult in an apartment on the Sarah Lawrence University campus in Yonkers, New York.

According to The Guardian, in 2010, Larry Ray moved into his daughter Talia Ray’s on-campus housing, eventually gaining the trust of his roommates before promising to help them with various psychological issues.

A&E reported that Larry Ray conducted ‘therapy sessions’ with the roommates, allegedly helping them with various personal issues. Ray allegedly began verbally and physically abusing Sarah Lawrence’s student over time, even going as far as trafficking one of her victims.

Prosecutors claimed that while Larry Ray made money trafficking one of the victims, his primary motive was to terrorize the victims to their satisfaction.

Victims of the Sarah Lawrence cult speak out against Larry Ray

According to the New York Times, court documents indicated that although Larry Ray initially presented himself as a father figure to Sarah Lawrence’s students, he eventually began to control their lives.

Court documents say:

“While the defendant’s victims descended into self-hatred, self-harm, and suicidal attempts under his coercive control, the evidence showed that the defendant sadistically enjoyed his pain and reveled in the fruits of his suffering.”

The statement added that, as part of his effort to terrorize his victims, he forced them to engage in manual labor on his North Carolina property.

“It is obvious, for example, that his victims, without any experience with physical labor or construction equipment, had no real prospect of making productive financial improvements to the property in North Carolina, and yet the defendant forced them to to work meaninglessly in punishing conditions. for weeks just to revel in his Sisyphus struggle.

If Sarah Lawrence’s students teased Ray, he would harass them for even minor infractions. ABC reported that he knocked one of the female victims to the ground after she brought cold food.

Chief Justice Lewis Liman said of the case:

“It was sadism, pure and simple.”

In an official statement, victim Claudia Drury claimed that Ray forced her into inappropriate relationships with other men for her financial gain.

Drury said in an official statement:

“It was hell: It was a deliberate, polite, sustained campaign to break me. Every time they forced me into prostitution… I felt more numb.”

She continued:

“I barely have the energy to exist from day to day”,

Another victim, Santo Rosaro, said that he became self-destructive under Ray’s control.

Rosario said:

“He led me to attempt suicide more than once and at one point, he was watching it on a daily basis.”

In his statement to the court, Ray’s defense team said that his sentence should not exceed 15 years, as he is currently in poor health.