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“I wanted to die,” Kyota Hattori, 24, told cops of the 8 p.m. attack that left 17 people injured — and ended with now-viral footage of him calmly sitting cross-legged and smoking a cigarette on the Tokyo train he’d also partially set on fire. I messed up at work around June and wasn’t getting along with friends,” Hattori explained to police, according to the Japan News, which did not elaborate on what had happened.

“I thought that if I killed two or more people, I would get the death penalty. It didn’t matter who they were,” he allegedly confessed. Hattori said he sprayed pesticide into the eyes of a 72-year-old man who was next to him on the express train — then tried to kill him by stabbing him in the chest with a 12-inch knife, the report said.

Kyota Hattori Age

Kyota Hattori is 24 years old.

‘Joker’ maniac in Tokyo train attack was suicidal after he ‘messed up at work’

A man, dressed in a Joker costume, brandished a knife and attacked at least 17 people on a commuter train in the city of Chofu, Tokyo, on Sunday, October 31. He also reportedly sprayed acid before starting a fire in the car. Terrified passengers tried to escape the train, some even jumping out of the windows, according to witnesses and police.

In the recent past, another incident of a victim who was attacked on public transportation went viral. Griffin Kinard, a resident of New York City, attacked a woman on a subway who asked him to “take a pill to cool down.” A TikTok user shared a video of this tragedy with a text overlay that read: “This man was already very sick when he got into the cart telling people to GTFO about him and his children.

All she said was that he needs a chill pill and his kids repeated it to him and he just went up from there. “In another incident, a man traveling first class on American Airlines broke an assistant’s nose by hitting her twice. times to the face after refusing to comply with the mask mandate.A racist Florida man yelled the N word and physically assaulted staff at a Miami airport, the entire tirade was captured on video that went viral.

The attacker was identified as 24-year-old Kyota Hattori. While three were seriously injured, authorities said not all were stabbed and most of the injuries were not serious. Hattori’s motive behind carrying out the attack was not immediately known. According to a video posted on social media by a witness, Hattori sat down and smoked a cigarette while waiting for the police to arrest him for the crime. He was investigated on suspicion of attempted murder, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department said.

Investigating authorities later reported that he told them that he wanted to kill people and obtain the death penalty. Nippon Television said he used a previous train stabbing case as inspiration to carry out the crime. Police officers said the attack occurred inside the Keio train near Kokuryo station. Several firefighters, police officers, and paramedics were on the scene to rescue the passengers, most of whom had escaped through the train’s windows and were further injured, according to reports. One of the videos showed passengers running out of a bus that was on fire. Hattori reportedly poured a liquid that looked like oil from a plastic bottle into the car and started the fire that partially burned the seats.

According to NPR, this is the second knife incident on a Tokyo train in the past three months. In August, the day before the closing ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics, a 36-year-old man stabbed 10 passengers on a commuter train. He later told the police that he wanted to attack women who seemed happy.

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