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The Man City ace, 32, dirty-danced with the woman — not his wife — and a female friend after he arrived drunk and boozed with male pals from 5.30 pm on Sunday. Their appalling behavior until 7pm shocked revellers at the Manchester venue.

Shameless Walker could face a police probe after flashing in a bar. Footage seen by The Sun shows the boozed-up footballer drop his tracksuit bottoms and expose himself in view of drinkers. One of two women in his group shrieks and points as he laughs with a pal.

Minutes later the England and Manchester City defender appears to do it again, just feet away from two different women in a booth. He then walks over to shake their hands and say hello. Video also shows the dad of four pawing at one of his friends’ breasts and snogging her. Wife Annie, 30, is nowhere to be seen.

Walker’s disgraceful antics came 24 hours after he helped his side beat Newcastle United 2-0. After the match, manager Pep Guardiola said: “Two days off at home. I don’t want to see them, they don’t want to see me.”

The £150,000-a-week player was visibly drunk when he arrived at the Manchester bar with the blonde women plus male pals around 5.20pm on Sunday. He spent 90 minutes downing drinks and dirty dancing with the female friends.

Although Walker may claim his flashing was a joke, he could be quizzed for indecent exposure, which if proven carries a maximum two-year jail term. Teresa Parker, of Women’s Aid, said last night: “Whether done to shock, for a so-called laugh, or to intimidate, for those affected by indecent exposure there can be long-term effects, upset and trauma.

“It can give the person exposing themselves a sense of power in the situation. “And if there are no repercussions, it possibly gives them the confidence to see what they can get away with next time.”

Walker’s group arrived in a blacked-out minibus from the same firm used by City. Footage shows him already unsteady on his feet and wearing a puffer jacket and cap. He staggers to the entrance with one of the women. Moments later, he approaches her from behind and paws at her breasts. Walker then drinks bottles of beer, necks shots and dances provocatively with both women.

The group set off to leave in the minibus shortly before 7pm. Walker was called back to pay the £250 bill. A barman stood with a card machine but Walker was so drunk he fumbled for his wallet.

He was rescued by a friend who returned from the minibus and lifted up his arms to search through pockets for a payment method. A source said: “The video footage is really disturbing. “The woman Walker is with is not his wife but he reaches round and paws at her breasts. “You wonder if it can get worse then he pulls out his p**** in full view of the bar and the women he is with.

“It’s deeply concerning.”

Under the Sexual Offences Act 2003, a person commits indecent exposure if they intentionally expose their genitals — and intend that someone will see them and be caused alarm or distress. Outraging public decency is a common law offense and is committed when someone does something “lewd, obscene or disgusting” in the presence of at least two members of the public.

If found guilty it is punishable by unlimited imprisonment or an unlimited fine. Walker was shown the red card by Annie — his teenage sweetheart — in 2019 after Ex on the Beach TV star Laura Brown said they had repeatedly romped in his Bentley.

Annie took him back into their Cheshire home, but gave him the boot again in 2020 when he revealed model Lauryn Goodman was expecting his baby. Walker moved into a flat and days later was caught breaching lockdown rules after booking two escorts for a four-hour sex session. Forgiving Annie let him off yet again and he proposed last year with a £250,000 ring.

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