What Happened To Kurt Perez From The Blacklist? Wiki, Biography, Age, Spouse, Net Worth, Fast Facts

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Kurt Perez, a past Filipino kids entertainer, gained deep title card recognition on The Blacklist Season 9 Episode 19 after passing away quite early in his life. It left everyone in shock. He was a vital part of the show group, but is no longer with it.

Individuals are searching who is Kurt Perez from the blacklist after a title card was shown at the end of the episode
Kurt Isaiah Perez was a previous Philippine children’s entertainer who received an award from The Blacklist group. As stated on his Wikipedia, the resigning craftsman was dynamic from 2003 to 2006. Nevertheless, he gained popularity after becoming the ultimate male survivor of StarStruck Kids. It was an unscripted TV drama on GMA Network in the Philippines.

He also portrayed the youthful person of Aguiluz in the TV series Mulawin. The craftsman was also nominated in 2006 for FAMAS Best Child Actor for the film La Visa Loca.

Looking at the deceased previous craftsman, he was born to his parents, Arlene Marcelo and Erwin Perez, on December 1, 1997 in Cabanatuan City. He also has two relatives. For his education he is chaperone of the Angelicum College. He also moved to Brisbane, Australia to continue his studies. In any case, the extended time of his move hasn’t broken open yet.

Kurt Perez Got Blacklisted Title Card Tribute Season 9 Episode – Did He Die in a Car Accident?
After recognizing title card nearly home for Kurt Prez in The Blacklist, his fans are disheartened by the information. Nevertheless, they are trying to find out the reason for his death. Some of them speculate whether he died in a car crash.

Despite this, there are no records of how he died. No one expected the acknowledgment card by the end of the previous night’s episode, bringing everyone close to home. In any case, his fans and supporters are sending petitions to his family and posting a few messages acknowledging him.

Has Kurt Perez’s obituary been released yet? Kurt Perez’s tribute has yet to be delivered and his family could get the introduction. Gradually, his family and dear companions were able to attend his memorial service. Nevertheless, since no word is circulated of the previous entertainer’s nearby, we are unclear as to the circumstance.

Moreover, the persons who certainly knew the young entertainer could miss him despite the fact that he was not dynamic in the media. Some were eager to see the charming entertainer on screen again. But tragically, his loved ones are now mourning his accident.


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