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Kurt Kloss, Karlie’s father, is in the news after it was revealed that he was crowd-sourcing coronavirus advice for the White House. Kurt, a doctor, posted in a private Facebook group called “EM Docs,” asking what other people would suggest if they were “in charge of Federal response to the Pandemic.”

In a series of posts to this private Facebook group, Kurt said in part,

If you were in charge of Federal response to the Pandemic what would your recommendation be. Please only serious responses. I have direct channel to person now in charge at White House and have been asked for recommendations. I have already expressed concern for need for ventilators and more PPE (personal protective equipment) for frontline and test kits.


Then, after some members apparently challenged the validity of his connection to the White House, Kurt posted another message:

“So for transparency I will provide some background about my unique circumstance,” he wrote. He continued, “Our daughter Karlie Kloss (one of the top models in the world, 45 Vogue covers and counting; proud dad commentary) is married to Mr Joshua Kusher. His brother is Mr Jared Kusher, son-in-law to the president and who is now directly involved with the response to this.”

Kurt explained he wanted to crowd-source suggestions for Jared, his son-in-law, to hand over to Jared’s brother, Joshua, who is married to Ivanka Trump. He said, “I hope to have this posted before I go to bed later this morning. In the almost 30 years of training for and practising EMERGENCY MEDICINE I have not been afraid until today.”

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The information was first posted by The Spectator, and has since been verified by multiple publications. Karlie has not given a comment, nor has the White House.

According to Politico, Kurt did send Jared Kushner 12 recommendations on Thursday. The Facebook group in question, EM Docs, has over 22,000 members, all of whom are required to show their credentials before they join.

Karlie Posted Photos of Her Father Kurt Kloss Frequently up Until 2018; She’s Paid Tribute to Him on Father’s Day More Than Once


Kurt Kloss has not posted many recent pictures of her father. However, she did post a Father’s Day tribute to him in 2018, writing, “Happy Father’s Day to my forever hero, my greatest teacher in life and the man who taught to always put family above all. Thank you for inspiring me to dream big, work hard and play harder. I love you Dad ❤️”


Karlie has been married to her husband, Josh Kushner, since 2018. She has three sisters, Kristine, Kariann, and Kimberly.

In addition to posting photos of her father, Kurt, she often posts pictures of her sisters and mother, too.




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