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Krista Kach, 47, died in hospital on Thursday night following an incident in which she barricaded herself inside her unit in Stockton, Newcastle, about two hours north of Sydney. NSW Police were called to the unit about 12.30pm. m. that day after it was reported that Kach had threatened real estate agents with an ax over a dispute over a barbershop downstairs from her building. Ms Kach barricaded herself in her home before specialist tactical officers forced entry into the property at around 9.45pm. and they will use a beanbag bullet and a Taser to arrest her. She was able to walk to an ambulance, which transported her to John Hunter Hospital when her condition deteriorated. She died in the hospital that same night. Round beanbags consist of small cloth bags filled with lead pellets. They are fired from a shotgun, but are considered “less-lethal” munitions designed to briefly immobilize people during arrests. Acting NSW Police Commissioner David Hudson revealed the results of the coroner’s interim post-mortem test indicated Ms Kach had suffered a gunshot wound to the chest.

“It appears that the bullet entered the deceased’s body and ended up hitting her heart,” Commissioner Hudson said. He said NSW police had used bean bag bullets 15 times this year, without the “tragic result” that occurred on Thursday. ‘The round or super soft bean bag is used internationally thousands of times a year. It is used by all tactical groups within Australia and very rarely do we have tragic results as we saw last Thursday,” he said. ‘Unfortunately, in this case, which occurs in a small number of cases, it proved fatal. Commissioner Hudson said all uses of beanbag bullets had been stopped in New South Wales while a review was carried out. He said the device manufacturers do not specify a range of use and that safe shooting distances would be part of the review. He said police were also examining how to deal with incidents where the presence of uniformed officers could escalate the situation. Kach had livestreamed the confrontation for hours, where she rambled on about topics such as sovereign citizens, fraud, and espionage.


Krista Kach was 47 years old.

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While she seemed mostly calm, Kach became visibly upset when police outside her door attempted to negotiate. “You’re trespassing, you’re illegal,” she shouted on the livestream, according to a Sydney Morning Herald report. ‘They are terrorists. This is terrorism. Trying to set up on the porch when you’re not invited. What are you going to collect with illegal tax revenue? They’re not saying any reason why they’re here… I haven’t done anything. “I was safe before they arrived.” It is unclear who, if anyone, was viewing the images. Greens MP and justice spokesperson Sue Higginson called for a parliamentary inquiry into NSW Police after obtaining four hours of footage from Kach’s livestream before her arrest. She said the footage showed Kach scared, alone, unarmed and experiencing a mental health episode as police in riot gear “floated” on the terrace outside her window.

Krista was lying on her bed watching a children’s movie for at least an hour before the police burst into her house,” Mrs Higginson said. ‘You have to ask yourself, what the hell was the purpose of the police operation? ‘The police are not equipped to deal with these types of situations. “That is why we continue to see vulnerable people killed at the hands of the police.” Kach’s family has disputed the police’s version of events, saying they begged her to receive medical help before being arrested. Her family said Ella Kach was stressed because she had been told that day she was being evicted from her home. It is understood she had a dispute with the landlord over the barbershop, which resulted in her being served with a 14-day eviction notice. “We told police in very clear terms that she was not feeling well that day and that she needed medical help,” the family said in a statement.

We were assured that the police would look after our mother and that she would be cared for by a hospital and qualified medical professionals. “What happened on Thursday was a disturbing and heartbreaking response by police to a vulnerable person who had been told she would soon be homeless.” New South Wales Police Deputy Commissioner Peter McKenna said the woman suffered injuries during the confrontation but was able to walk to an ambulance. «Shortly after her condition worsened. She was taken to John Hunter Hospital and, unfortunately, she later died that evening.’ An autopsy will confirm the woman’s cause of death. Commissioner McKenna said she had no ‘significant’ history with police with only a ‘minor matter many years ago’ on record. He did not comment on whether she suffered a mental health episode. The unit has been declared a crime scene with Homicide Squad officers investigating the incident. An independent critical investigation of the NSW Police operation is underway. A report will be prepared for the coroner. The 47-year-old Stockton woman’s death follows the tasering of great-grandmother Clare Nowland.

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