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Krissie Newman Wiki – Biography

Krissie Boyle Newman is the wife of NASCAR driver Ryan Newman, who was seriously injured in a horrific crash at the end of the before the Daytona 500 on February 17, 2020. Just days before the race and devastating crash, the Newmans announced they had agreed to separate after 16 years of marriage.

Krissie Newman Age

She is 42 years old.

Ryan Newman’s Wife

Ryan and Krissie are the proud parents of two daughters: Brooklyn Sage Newman and Ashlyn Olivia Newman. Brooklyn, who is 10, was born November 18, 2010. Ashly, who is 7, was born July 17, 2012.

Ryan discussed a vacation with the family to the Ozark Mountains during a 2018 interview with RCR Racing.

“This trip was really meaningful,” Ryan explained to RCR Racing. “There were so many fun things as a family for us to do…The girls got to drive bumper cars and go-karts for the first time. They went tubing for the first time at Table Rock Lake. This trip was filled with a lot of firsts. The most special part for me was seeing them get to catch their first trout at Dogwood Canyon National Park. Ashlyn was the first to reel one in.”

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The Newman girls are often seen in photos with Ryan and Krissie at NASCAR race tracks cheering on their dad, having grown up around the sport. They were at the track on Monday when Newman crashed.

Hours before the crash, Krissie Newman tweeted to a fan who asked if she was watching the race, “I am. Would love to see my girls in VL (Victory Lane) but always praying for a safe race.” Krissie Newman earlier tweeted a photo that appeared to show she was on vacation at a beach and was watching from there.

The former couple met through a church friend who set them up on a blind date in 2001, per Bleacher Report. The two hit it off and were married in 2004 prior to the NASCAR season.


Krissie graduated from Shippensburg University where she played soccer, per The Philadelphia Inquirer. She planned on becoming a lawyer prior to meeting Ryan but ended up getting involved with his race team when they were together.


As Krissie Newman mentioned in her statement, they founded a non-profit organization called Rescue Ranch located in Statesville, North Carolina. The organization’s website described its mission as dedicated to animal welfare:


Formed in 2012 on 87 acres in Statesville, North Carolina, Rescue Ranch is a 501 (C) (3) non-profit animal welfare organization founded by Krissie Newman and her husband, NASCAR driver Ryan Newman. Rescue Ranch promotes humane education by focusing on rescuing on a fundamental level through hands-on learning and care for animals.

In 2014, Krissie Newman told Charity Life, “One of my favorite things about the Ranch is seeing the kids come here. It’s a lot of fun to sit down with groups and teach them about the different animals while also educating them about things like spaying, neutering and why it’s important to adopt from shelters and humane breeders instead of puppy mills.”

Krissie Newman also uses her love for animals to help out after natural disasters. In the fall of 2019, she and others from Rescue Ranch traveled to the Bahamas to help animals who were stranded and in need of rescue after Hurricane Dorian. She was working with the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW).


She stand to height of 5 feet 7 inches.

Net Worth

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