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An alleged claim about the past of US Representative in New York George Santos has sparked hilarious memes online. On Wednesday, January 18, journalist Marisa Kabas used her Twitter account to share an old photo of the 34-year-old politician apparently dressed as a woman with another drag queen, Eula Rochard, while living in Brazil.

Rochard spoke to the reporter after recently seeing Santos on local television and revealed that her drag name was “Kitara Ravache.” Rochard also noted that people knew him as Anthony and not George, which is officially listed as her name.

This is what Marisa Kabas’s tweet said:

The image, which is grainy, apparently shows Santos dressed in a red strapless top or dress with long brown hair. He also seems to have made up his face.

Twitter reacts to the viral photo of George Santos

After the photo of George Santos dressed in drag went viral, Twitterati reacted to the situation in hilarious fashion. Several users mocked the politician for allegedly lying about his background, identity, and his name, and shared photoshopped photos of him dressed as a woman.

Others were surprised by the scope of the alleged lies that George Santos fabricated to arrive at this particular political position.

George Santos’ pile of lies is growing by the day

Since he was elected in November 2022, George Santos has faced an immense backlash over his background. Rumors not only revolve around his name, but also his claims to attend Baruch University and be a volleyball star, where his accomplishments resemble the resume of his former boss, Pablo Oliveira. .

Santos has been under immense pressure to resign as details of his background are revealed, and he admitted to lying about his educational credentials last month. In recent years, George, wanted by Brazilian police, has also raised suspicions about his apparent wealth and the $700,000 of his own money he used on his campaign.

George, who recently told reporters that he would not resign, has apparently mixed with conservative lawmakers, some of whom have been outspoken in their opposition to the transvestite community.

Several Santos supporters, including House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, have remained silent about the new alleged claims that he is a transvestite.

Other than McCarthy, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Rep. Matt Gaetz, who previously defended him against backlash over calls for him to resign, also have not commented. Santos has yet to comment on the recent claims that he is a transvestite.