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Kiara Dudley is a Massachusetts woman who is accused of knocking down a 73-year-old supporter of President Donald Trump. The Douglas woman was arrested on Saturday, October 17, after police claim she knocked down an elderly man who was holding a pro-Trump sign, according to the Douglas Police Department. Dudley, 34, has been charged with assault and battery on an elderly person causing injury.

“Upon arrival Officers learned that a couple from Douglas were located at the intersection promoting Donald Trump with their flags and signs,” DPD said on Facebook. “Approximately 30 minutes after they arrived, they were approached by a party opposing their support that began to berate them with insults and demanded that they leave.

“As the couple tried to move away, the party continued to follow them and bumped the gentlemen with her body,” the department continued.

In her booking photo, provided by the Douglas Police Department on Facebook, Dudley is seen sporting a sticker in support of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

On Facebook, Dudley has also liked the groups “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Progressives” and “Democratic Socialism Now,” according to her social media page.

The first group dedicated to Ocasio-Cortez claims to be a space for her supporters and is not affiliated with the representative.

The latter was “founded by veterans of Occupy Wall Street and Bernie Sanders 2016 seeking to strengthen the left in the United States,” its page says.


Kiara Dudley Age

Kiara Dudley is 34 years old.


According to the Douglas Police Department, the elderly man who police say Dudley assaulted is a Vietnam veteran.

“At one point the party stepped on the victims Veterans for Trump sign and as he bent over to pick it up the party knocked him to the ground causing an injury to his finger,” the department detailed on Facebook.

“The victim in this case is a 73-year-old Vietnam Veteran,” police continued.


Dudley resides in Douglas with her wife, according to their social media pages. The two married in September 2015, her wife’s Facebook page indicates.

However, Dudley’s restricted Facebook page lists Rhode Island as the only visible place of residence on her account. Her maiden name is Kiara Ciccarelli, according to her Facebook page.


The Douglas Police Department’s announcement of Dudley’s arrest over the weekend inspired a wave of criticism online. Many took to the post, which has since amassed over 1,100 shares, to condemn the woman’s actions.

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“Absolutely horrific! It is disturbing that a 34 year adult would think that this type of behavior is acceptable,” one user wrote. “Great work DPD in making sure justice will be served.”

Another expressed that everyone should have the right to support their president, writing:

“Regardless of her political stance this man earned his right to support his president. She should be ashamed of her behavior. It’s free to myob.”

Dudley was released on a $250 cash bail and will be arraigned in Uxbridge District Court on Monday, October 19, Douglas police continued.

Heavy has reached out to Dudley and is awaiting a response.


Despite Dudley’s private Facebook account, with her profile photo showing only a black circle, a cover photo is still featured.

The 34-year-old’s header displays a black-and-white slogan for “Black Lives Matter.” Dudley commented below the caption, writing:

“I support wherever and however people demonstrate for black and brown lives. No safe space for bigots.”


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