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Kendall Diwisch found the kittens stuck in the snow while he was inspecting wells near Tomahawk in Alberta, Canada, last week.

Heartwarming moment Canadian oil worker uses cup of coffee to free three kittens that were frozen to the ground for hours after being abandoned

A Canadian oil specialist has been hailed a saint after he protected three little cats that had been solidified to the ground with some espresso.

Kendall Diwisch went over the freezing textured trio stuck in the day off he was out examining wells close to Tomahawk in Alberta on Wednesday.

Diwisch shared the endearing salvage story on Facebook alongside a video of himself pouring warm espresso around the cats to help free their paws and tails.


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‘I found these three colleagues on one of the byways almost one of my wells,’ he composed.

‘No doubt dropped off. Poor things were solidified into the ice so they needed to have been there throughout the night.’

He can free one of the felines with a gloved hand however the other two won’t move, so he runs back to his truck and snatches a movement cup of espresso to help dissolve the ice.

Diwisch giggles as the little cats start slurping up the espresso while he torques their tails off the ground.

He at that point conveys every one of the three back to his truck before taking them home to clear them off and give them nourishment and water.

In the underlying Facebook post he additionally put out a call to anybody hoping to take in one of the little cats.

Diwisch later refreshed the post to state that they’d been received.

‘Every one of the three little miscreants went to their new home today where they find a good pace as opposed to isolating them,’ he composed. ‘Each of the three are eating and drinking and fiery.’

‘A debt of gratitude is in order for everybody’s thought and offering to take them increased in value,’ he included.

Diwisch’s post has been shared in excess of multiple times as analysts adulated his snappy reasoning.


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