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Kelly Gray stabbed David Gavin, 23, in the chest as he challenged her over her family’s attempt to steal valuables from a pal’s van. One of her relatives had tried to break into a kitchen fitter’s van as he worked at Mr Gavin’s Rochdale house.

The dad confronted the mum-of-one and her family on May 17, 2019, after finding out the car the would-be burglars arrived in was linked to the Grays. He had tracked down the vehicle to get a photo of it and ask the family to pay for damages, but Gray’s brother emerged and shouted “f*** off, why are you here” before encouraging pals to kick him “hard on the a**e”.

Mr Gavin and his friend left, but returned that evening with more relatives and pals to confront the family. He was challenged to a “straightener” bare-knuckle fight. Nick Johnson QC, prosecuting, told Manchester Crown Court: ”David took his top off and they began fighting and David was getting the better of James Gray, who had blood on the left side of his head.

“The men continued fighting until James had had enough but Kelly then arrived and rushed towards the melee followed by her mother. “She was clearly brandishing a large kitchen knife with a black handle and silver pointed blade.

”She was watching the fighting and saying ‘go on’ and ”four eyed b*****d’.

Kelly Gray Age

Kelly Gray is 32 years old.

Charges and Arrested

“She then began waving her knife at one of Mr Gavin’s group and head-butted him in the face before going straight up to David and stabbing him on his left side, near to his shoulder, vertically down into his chest.

”She then pulled the knife back out of his body whilst David shouted ‘the b***h has just stabbed me’.”

Mr Gavin died of his wounds in Royal Oldham Hospital later that evening. His wife, Bridget Reilly, 22, was due to give birth to their second daughter when he tragically passed away. She had the baby just three weeks later. Manchester Crown Court heard Mr Gavin, from Rochdale, ran his own patio and driveway business.

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He was described as a ”doting father” and a ”hard-working young man”. In the aftermath of the attack, Gray fled with nine relatives and got on a ferry from Holyhead in North Wales to Dublin under a false name.

The mum, thought to be from a traveler family, was eventually traced and brought back to the UK.

I am just traumatized – it is more than devastating. It is just incredibly difficult because every time I look at Mary I cry because I can see him so much.


In a statement Mr Gavin’s mother Elizabeth said: ”David was a kind thoughtful son and husband, he was helpful to people and understanding.

“A few weeks later Bridget had to return to give birth to her daughter Mary. She knew David had laid at the hospital in terrible circumstances. It was a bittersweet ordeal, something she would not wish on her worst enemy.”

Mr Gavin’s widow, Bridget, said: ”I am just traumatized – it is more than devastating. It is just incredibly difficult because every time I look at Mary I cry because I can see him so much.”

The court heard Gray had been diagnosed with PTSD and learning disabilities. She said she suffered a ”loss of control” moments before the stabbing.


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