Who is Keith Thomas Kinnunen? (Church of Christ Shooter) Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Arrested and Charges, Fats Facts You Need to Know

Keith Thomas Kinnunen Biography – Wiki

Kinnunen Was Born In Kansas & Had A Brief Career As A Boxer. The man who fatally shot two people at a White Settlement Church on Sunday before being killed by church security has been identified as a 43-year-old Keith Thomas Kinnunen. Keith Thomas Kinnunen has been recognized as the shooter in the shooting that occurred at the West Freeway at West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, Texas. The shooting happened on December 29th, 2019 and left two individuals dead. Kinnunen was lethally shot by the congregation’s head of security.

MedStar spokeswoman Macara Trusty confirmed that one person died at the scene of the shooting, and one person died en route to the hospital. According to Hospital officials, one of these victims was the shooter. The third victim was transported to a hospital in critical condition but was later pronounced dead by White Settlement police chief J.P. Bevering.

Keith Thomas Kinnunen Age

He is 43 years old as of 2019.

Keith Thomas Kinnunen Early Life and Career

Dallas FBI field office specialist Matt DeSarno said that examiners were taking a shot at making sense of the shooter’s thought process. He portrayed the man as a “moderately transient” individual with establishes in the territory. The shooter likewise had a criminal record and had been captured on various occasions in different urban communities.

Kinnunen was a fighter in 2004 while living in Fort Worth, Texas. Records show that the center weight division fighter just battled in two sessions. He lost by KO in October 2004, yet won his other match by a KO in November of that year.

Prior to moving to Texas, Kinnunen went through quite a while living in Tucson, Arizona, where he was captured on various occasions. He was seen as liable in 1998 of conveying a covered weapon without a license. In 2000, he was sentenced in Arizona for driving without a permit. In 2004, Kinnunen was captured in Pima, Arizona, on a cluttered lead charge, yet it was expelled.

In 2010, Kinnunen was accused in Tucson of offense burglary, and afterward missed a few court appearances all things considered, prompting numerous inability to show up charges. In 2011, he was accused of ambush and muddled direct in Tucson and furthermore had inability to show up charges against him all things considered. Kinnunen was again accused of attack (purposely causing damage), in 2014 in Tucson.

Church security subdued the Suspect

WFAA-TV’s Whitley announced that “Congregation security (equipped individuals) stifled [the suspect].” The suspect was later affirmed as dead by emergency clinic authorities.

Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick told journalists that one of the furnished individuals, Jack Wilson drew his weapons and “took out the executioner quickly, sparing am untold number of lives.”

Jack Wilson, who’s the President of On Target Firearms Academy, and crusading to be the Precinct 3 Commissioner, was the shooter who shot the shooter. Wilson showed in a remark string on his Facebook that he utilized the accompanying gun: “SIG P229-357 SIG.”

Keith Thomas Kinnunen Church of Christ Shooting

Kinnunen is believed to have been wearing a disguise, including a fake beard, when he stood up, pulled a shotgun from his clothing and opened fire inside the church killing 64-year-old Anton Wallace, a church deacon from Fort Worth, and 67-year-old Richard White, of River Oaks.

At around 10:57 a.m. local time, multiple police, ATF, FBI and EMS units reported to the scene. The Church of Christ was live-streaming their Sunday services on their YouTube channel, and while the motive remains unclear, a man is firing off two shots while church-goers ducked under their seats in fear. The video, which has since been removed from the church’s YouTube channel, also showed an armed security guard, identified as Jack Wilson, taking down Kinnunen with a single shot

Keith Thomas Kinnunen: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Kinnunen Was Born In Kansas & Had A Brief Career As A Boxer
  • Kinnunen Was Wearing A Fake Bead & A Trench Coat When He Entered Church Of Christ
  • Kinnunen Was Arrested In 2016 For Unlawful Possession Of A Weapon
  • Kinnunen Was Previously Arrested Twice In Fort Worth & Charged With Misdemeanor Deadly Contact & Property Theft
  • Parishioner Jack Wilson Killed Kinnunen With A Single Shot
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