Who is Keith Hunter Jesperson? Where Is the Happy Face Killer Today in 2021?

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Keith Hunter Jesperson, aka “The Happy Face Assassin, ”He is serving a life sentence in prison today. He is now 66 years old, according to his prison records. Jesperson was a long-distance truck driver from British Columbia who killed at least eight women, according to Oregon Live. He was convicted in a murder spree that spanned five states beginning in 1990, the article says.

ABC 20/20 is investigating the strange case in its new episode that will premiere tonight, Friday, November 5, 2021. The two-hour special airs at 9 pm ET.

Jesperson is serving three consecutive life sentences at an Oregon State Penitentiary

Jesperson is serving three consecutive life sentences at the Oregon State Penitentiary in Salem, Oregon, according to his prison records. He was convicted of the murders of Taunja Bennett, Julie Winningham and Laurie Ann Pentland, Reported oxygen. His prison record lists his alias as “Happy Face Killer”.

Here is his prison record:

Oxygen reported that Jesperson accepted a guilty deal in the murders to avoid the death sentence. “He didn’t want to die,” police novelist M. William Phelps said, according to the article. “I was afraid of dying.” Phelps was the author of “Dangerous Ground: My Friendship with a Serial Killer.” Before Jesperson’s conviction, Laverne Pavlinac gave a false confession saying that she and her boyfriend, John Sosnovske, killed Bennett, Oxygen reported. Both were convicted and sentenced to prison.

Oxygen reported that the false confession, for Jesperson, was “both amusing and disconcerting.” Phelps said Jesperson viewed the confession as “a license to keep killing.” “During his murder spree, Jesperson mocked authorities with anonymous confessions that allowed him to boast about his depraved killings without giving himself away. Jesperson scribbled his first confession in a bathroom at a bus terminal in Montana after the couple was charged with Bennett’s murder, ”Oxygen wrote.

The scribbled confession included a happy face.

Daun Slagle, a surviving victim of Jesperson, sued for his portrayal in a movie

Daun Slagle was one of Jersperon’s surviving victims, who escaped after he tried to force her to perform a sexual act with him in California in 1990. according to Oregon Live. The article said that she was 21 years old and the mother of three children at the time. Jesperson tried to strangle her and break her neck, but she escaped, the article says.

Oregon Live reported in 2014 that Slagle filed a lawsuit regarding a film adaptation of the story, in which she was depicted as a prostitute. The article said that she had never been a prostitute.

“Despite being portrayed (elsewhere) as the brave victim and survivor of an assassination attempt,” says Slagle’s lawsuit, according to Oregon Live, “she was depicted in the movie ‘Happy Face Killer’ as a prostitute, a person who voluntarily copulated a serial killer, a mother who committed sexual acts for pay in front of her baby, an unfit mother, and a person who attempted to extort money by threatening to file a false criminal rape complaint against Jesperson ”.

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