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Keith Hufnagel Wiki – Keith Hufnagel Biography

Keith Hufnagel was an American skateboarder. He was also the founder of HUF Worldwide. HUF opened its first shop in 2002. In an interview with GOAT, Hufnagel talked about how HUF got started. He said, “I was living in LA from 1998 to 2001. Keenan Milton (fellow pro skater and close friend of Hufnagel since their DVS Shoes days) passed away and I was pretty bummed out. My wife and I at the time (Keith Hufnagel’s ex-wife Anne Freeman) said, ‘Let’s get the f*** outta LA. Let’s just change it up.’ We decided to move to San Francisco.

“I’d been traveling for a decade, seeing what was happening in Tokyo, New York, LA, London,” Hufnagel continued. “I was hitting all these major cities and seeing this streetwear and sneaker culture happening. It was all over the place. I was like, ‘Well, I’d like to do a streetwear concept store of what I see around the world.’ And that was kind of how [HUF] got started.”

Keith Hufnagel Age

Keith Hufnagel was born on January 21, 1974, in New York City. He died in September 2020. He was 46.


Keith Hufnagel was married to his wife, Mariellen Hufnagel. In April 2020, Hufnagel wished his wife a happy birthday in a heartwarming Instagram post. He wrote, “happy birthday to my beautiful wife @mariellen_olson ❤️ thanks for taking care of our family through these crazy times as the world has gone mad. Love you 😍 thanks for getting all the TP at Costco also.”


Keith Hufnagel was previously married to his ex-wife Anne Freeman.


Keith Hufnagel and his wife, Mariellen Olson Hufnagel, had two children. In May 2020, Hufnagel shared a picture of his family on Instagram. He captioned the photo: “Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful wife @mariellen_olson Thanks for being an awesome mom and taking care of all of us ❤️”


Keith Hufnagel died in September 2020, at the age of 46 after battling brain cancer for the past 2 and a half years. HUF Worldwide, the company founded by Hufnagel, confirmed his death in the following statement:

“We are absolutely heartbroken to deliver the news today that HUF founder Keith Hufnagel has passed away. Keith battled brain cancer for the past 2.5 years. And though he beat the odds and fought back much longer than his diagnosis permitted, he ultimately and unfortunately lost the fight.

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“Keith was not only the ‘HUF’nagel in HUF. He was the heart and soul of this brand. He built and brought together a community of people like no one else could.

“Keith paved the way for all of us – as a respected professional skateboarder, shop owner, brand founder, footwear and apparel designer, creative director, and industry leader. He showed us how to do it, and how do it right.

“Keith loved skateboarding and the culture around it. He did things his way and did them for the right reasons. He inspired so many of us across the globe.

“But above anything else, Keith loved and supported the people around him. He would do anything for his friends, family and children. He passionately wanted to see others succeed. And we all loved him for it. Keith’s legacy will continue to live on at HUF. Today, tomorrow and forever. Rest in peace, Keith.”


USA Skateboarding said a statement: “We are devastated to hear that Keith Hufnagel has passed away. His impact on skateboarding, both on his board and off it as a designer, brand owner/founder and friend will live forever. Rest in peace, Keith.”

Cause of Death

Keith Hufnagel’s cause of death was brain cancer.

Net Worth

Keith Hufnagel’s net worth was estimated to be $20 million.




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