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Keenan Anderson Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Cause of Death, GoFundMe, Fast Facts

Keenan Anderson Wiki, Biography

On January 3, Keenan Anderson, 31, died just hours after being electrocuted during a fight with Los Angeles Police Department officers. A cousin of Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors, Anderson was a high school English teacher. USA Today reported that Anderson’s confrontation with police officers began after he tried to flee from a car accident. However, netizens claim that he had been trying to ask the police for help.

After the accident, Keenan Anderson allegedly attempted to flee the scene, prompting authorities to respond forcefully. After the teacher was restrained, he was tested multiple times, a factor that may have led to his cardiac arrest and his death just four hours later.

On a GoFundMe page started by Anderson’s family, it was claimed that the teacher had a son, Syncere Anderson. Organizer Gabrielle Hansel has started an initiative to raise $20,000 to provide financial support for Syncere’s education. As of January 13, the family has raised over $12,000.

Family and friends pay tribute to Keenan Anderson

In an official GoFundMe post, Gabrielle Hanselle wrote that Keenan Anderson was especially dedicated to ensuring that his son received a good education.

Hanelle wrote:

“Heaven gained an angel. Keenan was taken from us unexpectedly and too soon, leaving Syncere without a father. Anyone who has known Keenan knows how much he loved his son. Keenan was steadfast in raising a well-rounded and well-mannered young man. .”

Patrisse Cullors said that while reports of African Americans being killed by officers are common, the death of her own cousin has provided perspective for her and many other family members involved in the movement.

cullors said:

“In this fight as black people, we are not separate from the black people we fight for.”

Cullors went on to discuss how passionate Keenan Anderson had been about educating young African Americans to ensure a productive future.

Cullors said:

“He really saw himself as a mentor to young people. He really saw himself as someone who helped young people, especially black youth.”

Anderson’s employer at Digital Pioneers Academy, executive director Mashea Ashton, also condemned the teacher’s death after the encounter with officers.

Ashton wrote in an official statement:

“Keenan is the third member of our school community to be a victim of violence in the last 65 days. Two of our high school students, Antione Manning, 14, and Jakhi Snider, 15, were killed during separate incidents of gun violence this fall.”

She added:

“Our community is grieving. But we are also angry. Angry that once again a known, loved and respected member of our community is no longer with us. Angry that another beautiful and talented black soul has left too soon.

The death of Keenan Anderson currently remains under investigation by the LAPD. Al Jazeera reported that his death marks the third fatality involving LAPD officers in 2023.