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15-Year-Old Kaylee Gain Girl Won’t Be Tried as Adult for Brutal Beatdown That Left Classmate With Brain Bleed

A Missouri judge ruled on Wednesday that a 15-year-old girl will not be prosecuted as an adult for an altercation in March that left a classmate with serious brain injuries.

The Hazelwood East High School student, who has not been publicly identified due to her age, will remain in the juvenile court system. The deputy juvenile officer who conducted the certification investigation recommended to the judge that the case stay in juvenile court, according to KMOV.


The victim, identified as Kaylee Gain, 16, reportedly suffered severe brain injuries in the March 10 altercation that transpired near Hazelwood East High School. The suspect was reportedly filmed slamming Gain’s head into asphalt concrete in the middle of the street.

The girl’s attorney, Greg Smith, told KMOX that juvenile trials are typically closed and private. However, this trial may be public because his client is charged with Class A assault.

During the certification hearing, Smith claimed Gain struck his client first and that Gain was suspended from school at the time of the fight. The deputy juvenile officer told the court that the defendant had no prior criminal history and showed good behavior while at the detention center.