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Kaylan Dowdie Wiki – Kaylan Dowdie Biography

Kaylan Dowdie is a teenage Jamaican girl who is currently hospitalized and on life support after being beaten and stabbed by six adult females allegedly at an illegal party during an altercation with the “adult females.” The incident that occurred on November 7, has caused outrage among social media users.

Dowdie was formerly a student at Papine High School.

Kaylan Dowdie Age

Kaylan Dowdie is 17 years old.


Dowdie was a daughter to Venisha Buckley, who said that the doctors told her that her daughter is not to make it, “I am just coming from the hospital and the doctors are telling me that she is not going to make it. Is one percent chance dem give mi baby to live, just one percent. The one percent is just because her eyes are open. My baby cannot breathe on her own at all. The doctors say they can’t take her off the machine. They beat my baby and gave her one percent at life.”


A GoFundMe page has been set up to help her family to pay for medical expenses. At the time of writing the page has raised close to $8,000

Kaylan Dowdie Stabbing Incident

Dowdie got involved in a “verbal exchange” with five women at a party. One of the five women hit the teen in the back of the head with a bottle, fracturing her skull while also stabbing her in the neck.

According to the page, the five suspects, two of which are mother and daughter, continued to beat Dowdie while she lay on the floor. Dowdie suffered internal injuries and a broken arm. She remains unconscious and on life support inside the University of West Indies Hospital.

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In a video circulating on social media, one of Dowdie’s alleged attackers said that she was innocent. She said that she did “nothing wrong” and asked people to stop circulating her photo across the internet.

Entertainers Reaction

Female entertainers came out and talked about the incident and criticized the actions of the perpetrators.

Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta star and dancehall legend Spice tweeted about the incident. She posted photos of Dowdie in her hospital bed as well as a photo of the alleged suspects in the attack. and said, “Wow I’m lost for much words . How can you gang and beat someone next to death just because they look at you, “You don’t like the way she looked at you” really 🤬🤬🤬. PULL THROUGH KAYLAN BEAT THE DEVIL . The doctor says she has 1% chance to live but God can turn this into 💯.”

Spice’s fellow dancehall artists, Ce’Cile and Renee 6:30 also drew attention to Dowdie’s case on social media. Ce’Cile posted a photo of Dowdie in her hospital bed and said in the caption, “It seems there is some personal satisfaction in being evil, in being distasteful, in being disrespectful on social media as well as in everyday life.” Ce’Cile also expressed her outrage that the attack was allegedly perpetrated by “other women.”


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