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Karon Fisher – Woman Rams Man on Street Twice, Kisses Him, Then Stabs Him 9 Times

Surveillance footage captured a disturbing scene in a Houston neighborhood earlier this month as a driver appeared to target a man walking to get his mail with her car. Karon Fisher, 20, then backed over the victim — 64-year-old Steven Anderson — and continued to back the car out of the video frame, the video, obtained by KTRK, shows.

As neighbors rushed out to offer assistance, Fisher strode back up the street, flipped the victim over, straddled him, kissed him, and then stabbed him nine times.

For a while, Fisher appeared to be talking with someone in another car on the street before attempting to open the door. When that failed, she walks back toward Anderson’s body, leaps over and trots down the street out of the video frame. Houston Police said witnesses gave responding officers information about where the suspect went, and she was detained at a nearby location.

Fisher has been charged with murder and booked into the Harris County Jail with a $2 million bond, KTRK said. Police said Fisher was also charged with assaulting a hospital staffer on the same day as the murder.

Fisher, who was listed a male in jail records but referred to as female by police, was on supervision for evading arrest last year. She was also charged with prostitution in 2021, but the charges were dropped.