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Karon Blake Wiki, Biography

On Saturday, January 7, 13-year-old Karon Blake was shot to death in the Northeast part of Washington. Amid serious rumors about the shooting, on Tuesday, January 10, Chief Robert Contee tried to dispel some of the “assumptions” about the case. Speaking for the first time about the shooting of Karon Blake, which took place over the weekend, the police chief said:

“There has been too much misinformation surrounding this incident, too many people have made assumptions about this case, and it is unfair to the bereaved family. The spread of inaccurate information is dangerous, reckless, and has the potential to negatively affect the investigation and relationships. in our community.”

While the police chief acknowledged public interest in Karon Blake’s death, he said sharing specific information while the investigation is active could jeopardize the integrity of the case.

Robert Contee further stated that it was not unusual for law enforcement to conceal identities during sensitive investigations. He also confirmed that the man suspected of pulling the trigger is a black man who is not in law enforcement, but does have a concealed carry permit and a legally registered firearm.

counter said:

“People are making accusations focused on race, and that’s wrong.”

On Tuesday night, protesters with banners gathered near Quincy Street to demand justice for Karon Blake.

Karon Blake was reportedly confronted by an owner and accused of breaking into cars.

A 13-year-old boy was fatally shot in the 1000 block of Quincy Street Northeast for allegedly trying to break into parked vehicles. His death has caused an uproar as people question whether a teenager deserves to die for causing property damage.

According to an earlier Metro police report, Karon Blake was confronted by a property owner in the area as the teen allegedly broke into parked vehicles along the street. Police further added that the victim and suspect were involved in an “interaction” before the man pointed a gun and fatally shot Blake.

The suspected shooter was reportedly performing CPR on Blake when police arrived on the scene. He later succumbed to his injuries at a local hospital. Police have refused to release certain information to the public, including how many times Blake was shot or where exactly.

The evidence gathered will be presented to a grand jury, which will then decide on the charges, if any. Sean Long, who identified himself as Karon Blake’s grandfather, told Fox 5 DC:

“It’s just sad. It doesn’t make sense. Kids, I know kids that are out of control. They kill each other, black on black crime, but getting into a car or pulling someone out of a person’s car, you don’t deserve let them kill you.”

The teen’s family is calling for the immediate arrest of the shooter responsible for Blake’s death.