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Who is Karleigh Cardenas? 14-year-old missing as Casa Grande, Pinal County family searches for her

Karleigh Cardenas, a 14-year-old from Casa Grande, Arizona, has been missing since taking off with a 15-year-old kid. Her family is profoundly worried after the kid returned without her. A compensation of $7,500 is presented for any data prompting her protected return. Karleigh Cardenas, 14, an inhabitant of Casa Grande, Arizona, has been absent since late August 2023.

Cardenas was last spotted at a Popeyes eatery on 59th and Northern roads in Glendale, an area that additional to the secret encompassing her excursion. The Casa Grande Police Division affirmed that they were regarding the situation as that of an adolescent runaway.

Who is Karleigh Cardenas?

Karleigh Cardenas is a 14-year-old youngster from Casa Grande, Arizona, who has caught the consideration of a local area and past because of her unexpected and unexplained vanishing.

Karleigh’s life went off in an unexpected direction when she took off from her family home on Sunday, August 27, 2023, close by a 15-year-old kid from her area.

After seven days, the circumstance took a really troubling turn when the teen kid got back alone, unfit to give a valid clarification to Karleigh’s nonattendance. Her family’s nervousness extended as they wrestled with the vulnerability of her whereabouts.

Shaun Cardenas, Karleigh’s dad, took to virtual entertainment, explicitly Facebook, to make a sincere supplication to the web-based local area for help in finding his missing little girl. He communicated the unpleasant doubt that something grave might have happened to Karleigh, given the strange conditions of her vanishing.

In a Facebook post, Shaun Cardenas shared his interests, expressing, “Last Sunday night my girl Karleigh Cardenas (14) took off with a young fellow (15) from the local area. He enjoyed five days with her. Then returned alone. We are frantically searching for her, and my heart has a terrible inclination.”

The family’s quest for Karleigh reached out past web-based entertainment as they recruited private agents to help with finding her. They thought that she may be in the Glendale region yet were tormented by irregularities in the accounts given by the 15-year-old kid who had been with her.

“We don’t have the foggiest idea what story to accept,” Shaun Cardenas mourned. The vulnerability encompassing Karleigh’s circumstance had negatively affected her loved ones. In a supplication to the local area, he encouraged anybody with data to connect, underlining, “She is exceptionally extraordinary to her family, and we simply need her home safe.”

A missing-people flier demonstrated that Karleigh might actually be in the Glendale region, yet the family entreated individuals to watch out across the whole Phoenix Valley. They pursued for the help of the police division and the more extensive local area, communicating their profound worry for Karleigh’s security.

Karleigh’s mom, Joelle Cardenas, communicated the family’s profound love and concern, proclaiming, “We simply believe she should be aware in the event that she can hear us that we love her so much and we simply maintain that she should return securely.” Her dad, Shaun Cardenas, repeated this opinion, underlining, “Somebody around here knows something.”

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