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Kar Hao Teoh was 40 years old and was shot dead in front of his wife Sara and their two-year-old son Hugo in Nyanga after making a wrong turn from the airport and accidentally driving towards a riot. Street clashes erupted in the area, sparked by a week-long taxi drivers’ strike, and the Singapore-born Briton was found to have been killed when he stopped his silver Toyota Rav 4. Two passengers in the car, including Hugo, were hospitalized for treatment for severe trauma. A Cape Town police spokesperson said: “The deceased was sitting in the driver’s seat with a gunshot wound to the head. Two shocked passengers and an infant were transported to a local hospital for medical treatment.” Mr Teoh of Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire, has worked as a trauma and orthopedic consultant and has been awarded several international fellowships. She used to work at the NHS Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow.

Kar Hao Teoh’s Age

Kar Hao Teoh was 40 year old.

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Cause of Death

The British doctor, who was shot and killed while on a family vacation in South Africa, has been identified as one of the country’s top orthopedic surgeons.Kar Hao Teoh, 40, was killed last week after taking a wrong turn while driving from Cape Town airport with his wife Sara and their two-year-old son, Hugo.Singapore-born but British national Teoh was one of five people killed in violence during the week-long strike.Working both for the NHS and privately, Mr Teoh has been awarded a number of international fellowships for his work as a trauma and orthopedic counselor.He lived with his family in Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire and was located at NHS Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow.Violent strikes broke out all over the city after police officers began confiscating illegal vehicles last week.

Two years ago, Mr. Teoh won the President’s Award at the European Foot and Ankle Society conference in Lyon for his research into the treatment of ankle fractures.He has also worked exclusively for MSK Doctors, and his close friend, Professor Paul Lee, paid tribute to him with a touching tribute online.‘Mr Teoh was more than a triple board certified specialist in Trauma and Foot and Ankle surgery.He was a guiding light in our professional community, a loyal friend and a cornerstone of many important projects.Kar’s commitment to medical excellence has been recognized in many prestigious international travel Fellowships (BOA, BOFAS, AO, SICOT, EFORT, IBRA) and was an ardent advocate of research and undergraduate and postgraduate education.

Yet his professional accolades paint only part of the picture. To those of us who had the privilege of calling him a friend and colleague, Snow was a reliable and determined presence.He was instrumental in the establishment and success of WelshBone in 2007, MSK Doctors in 2017 and the MSK Regen conference in 2023.Snow offered his unwavering support in each of these initiatives and played a critical role in their success.The loss of Mr. Snow Teoh leaves a void in our hearts and in our community.His professional dedication was unparalleled, but it was his personal warmth, dedication to friendship and unwavering support that we will remember most fondly.‘We offer our deepest condolences to his family and loved ones during this difficult time.’

Professor Lee added that an email address has also been created for people to share their memories, saying it’s important for “future generations” and “for Hugo, Snow’s 2-year-old son, to grow with a vivid picture of the incredible person.” my father was.’A Just Giving page in memory of Mr Teoh with a target of £50,000 has already raised more than £25,000.Her cousin, Sancy Low, wrote on Facebook: “She had a great sense of humor and wanted everything to be light and smooth.”A police spokesperson confirmed that the British doctor died after getting into a violent incident during the ongoing taxi strikes: “He apparently took a wrong turn from the airport and headed for Nyanga.On Ntlangano Crescent, several suspects approached his vehicle, shot and killed him. No arrests yet.’

Since last week, angry campaigners linked to the influential private taxi industry have thrown stones at cars and buses and set some on fire.This comes after a new municipal law authorizes local authorities to confiscate vehicles that drive without a license or license plate and do not wear seat belts.The national taxi union said its members did not incite violence and others used the strike as an excuse to launch their own protests.Tourist bosses fear angry clashes will drive vacationers back to the country.South Africa’s national taxi council has called for action after failing to reach agreement with local government on a new law they say is affecting their business.A Foreign Office official in London said they were supporting the family of a British man who died in South Africa and advised the British to be on guard.

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