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Justin Medof, a student at Chapman Fowler School of Law, called 911 around 8 a.m. on July 12 and claimed that he had awakened to find his girlfriend Stephanie Duarte, 30, covered in blood, according to a police statement. He claimed that he found Duarte unconscious and tried to bathe her to wake her up.

The Clark County Fire Department responded to the scene at the Home2 Suites hotel to find Medof attempting to perform chest compressions on the naked victim. Police officers took him to a separate room so they could treat Duarte, but an officer said she had been dead for some time. A paramedic tried to resuscitate her as well but said that she appeared to be in rigor mortis and her jaw was locked, preventing a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation attempt.

Justin Medof Age

Justin Medof is 31 years old.

Justin Medof Beats girlfriend to Death

A California law student faces murder charges for allegedly beating his girlfriend to death in a Las Vegas hotel room. After killing his girlfriend, the man reportedly told police that he woke up to find his girlfriend’s body in a “beaten, bloody and unconscious” condition.

On July 12, police responded to a call from a Las Vegas hotel where they found Justin Medof, 31, giving first aid to Stephanie Duarte, 30. Medof stated that the couple had an argument the night before and he woke up the next morning to find her “beaten, bloody and unconscious.” A police report indicated that Duarte appeared to have died hours earlier from blunt force trauma.

Duarte allegedly suffered a fatal head injury, while Medof had undisclosed bruises on her body. Medof had a variety of abrasions, scrapes, and bruises that would appear to be consistent with defensive wounds. Medof told police that he had had an argument the night before with Duarte while she was on Fremont Street and had left her there.

Later, the police reported that she had died hours before Medof called for help. She was officially declared dead at 8.37 a.m. M. Police said evidence at the scene indicates that there was a fight in the room and that Duarte likely received a blow to the head. The exact cause of death is still pending at the Clark County Coroner’s Office.

According to a police report obtained by KLAS, Medof and Duarte had an argument the night before while at the Fremont Street Experience, a popular mall and tourist attraction in downtown Las Vegas. The suspect told police that he left before Duarte and took an Uber back to the hotel, where she went to sleep.

Witnesses allegedly verified Medof’s claim, and time-stamped security camera footage shows Medof returning to the hotel at 2.12 a.m., while Duarte arrives at 2.25 a.m. The hotel’s night auditor told police that Duarte checked in with him at that time and seemed nervous. He allegedly asked if someone had left him messages from her or if Medof asked about her. He answered “no” to both questions and told police that she never spoke to Medof.

Homicide detectives believe the door to her room was last opened around 2.32 a.m. and Duarte was killed later that morning. Guests staying in a nearby room told police they heard loud noises that sounded like a man and a woman were arguing and moving furniture.

According to the police report, detectives who collected evidence saw red marks all over Medof’s body, including on his rib cage, back, shoulders and knees. She also had lacerations to her left bicep, left elbow, knees, and top of her right foot. A crime scene analyst who photographed the scene claimed that Medof appeared to be covering the wound on her bicep. When asked about it, he said he was old and hesitantly withdrew his hand, police said.

After he was taken into custody, Medof refused to answer any further questions until his lawyer was there, police said. His lawyer Robert Draskovich told KLAS: ‘You never take a police report at face value. We are now beginning our own investigation and we hope there is more to this story. ‘

He added that Medof was studying to become a lawyer and is “going through a difficult time,” thinking about how this will affect his family. Medof is being held without bail and his next court appearance is August 2. Meanwhile, Duarte’s family is struggling to cope with his unexpected death, his sister Andrea told KLAS.

Andrea said that her sister was a person who loved life; a person always ready for adventure, loving, thoughtful. . . very motivated. His work has always been a priority, as have his friends, but most importantly, his family. He has been awful. We have never experienced anything like this. It was horrible. ‘ According to his Facebook page, Duarte was a market manager at CareMore, a healthcare delivery system. He earned his BA in Human Biology from the University of California, San Diego. She was an aspiring healthcare worker pursuing a second degree in nursing.

GoFundMe for Victim

A GoFundMe started by Duarte’s friend Sarah Nooravi on behalf of Duarte’s family raised $ 56,551 on Monday night, surpassing its goal of $ 50,000.

In the description, Nooravi wrote: “Stephanie’s passing was tragic and unexpected, leaving us all shocked that a beautiful young angel had her life cut short. Stephanie was a bright spark in the world and we will miss her deeply.

Those of you who knew Stephanie knew how contagious her energy and her ambition were. Stephanie has left lasting impressions on many of us with the sheer joy and love that she carried with her and she will always be remembered in our hearts and souls. ‘


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