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Joseph Day, a man in his mid-30s, was last seen on a Saturday night before disappearing. Officials were looking for him after his relatives described his disappearance.

Nevertheless, there was a report on the missing case after the police located his dead body. His relatives, especially his life partner, are crushed by the information. Meanwhile, the office is looking for additional hints about his passing, while simultaneously sending comfort to his loved ones.

Who was Joseph Day? Body of missing man found in Avon Gorge Joseph Day who went from missing to death was a previous TVNZ camera operator. He lived in Bristol with his accomplice, Kelsey Mulcahy, with whom he had relationships for five years.

After three missing days, police found his body near Avon Gorge, Bristol. As police have learned, “although no formal distinguishing evidence has yet been provided, we have refreshed the group of missing persons…”

Joseph, who was from New Zealand, lived in the Clifton area. He was presumably known to disappear from his home on April 30, 2022.

His life partner last contacted him when they messaged each other. Nevertheless, he abruptly stopped informing her, and after that no one knew about him.

At that point, Day’s life partner thought he was going to sleep early, just to watch his disappearance.

Self-destruct associated with Joseph Day’s death Police officers still seem unable to specify the self-destruct associated with Joseph Day’s death. They are still investigating the case as they look for additional hints.

His life partner, Kelsey Mulcahy, said: “They said they don’t have permission because he’s anything but a gamble as I portrayed him as not being self-destructive or endangering other people.”

She added: “and by virtue of being positively fabricated, he is a man and can handle himself at this stage.” His friends and family described the accident as “exceptionally unusual.”

So far there has been no connection with Joseph’s death as self-destructive.

What was Joseph Day’s age? Examine His Wiki While Family Mourns Him Joseph Day was 31 years old when he lost his life. He lived with his life partner Kelsey Mulcahy for almost five years.

His accomplice and family are crushed after his death. His friends and family have since asked for security.

The police further referred to: “We ask people in general to stay away from hypotheses and to heed the protection of Joseph’s family at this time.”


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