Jose, Maria & Jayden Nunez: Family Found Dead at Airbnb in Mexico

Jose, Maria & Jayden Nunez

A couple and their two-year-old son were found dead in Mexico while staying at an Airbnb. Now José and María Núñez’s family is raising money on GoFundMe to take them home for burial, while they wait to find out more about what happened. His cause of death has yet to be determined.

José Núñez Jr., his wife María Núñez and their son Jayden were found dead in Mexico. Bakersfield Now reported. They were staying at an Airbnb and they were all found in the same room. Local 12 reported that they went to sleep and never woke up.

The couple left four other children, according to GoFundMe of the family. TO GoFundMe started Another family member shared that the surviving children are between 8 and 10 years old.

They were visiting other family members who were also on Airbnb

Jacob told Bakersfield Now that the Núñez family was visiting other family members who were also staying at the same Airbnb. The other members of the family are fine.

Jacob told NBC 11 News that they were a “very good family”. He said that his nephew was “one of the best dads I know” and that he was always very loving. He was also a huge Dallas Cowboys fan, he shared.

“[He was] in love with his family, ”said Jacobo. “He always hugs them, he always holds them.”

Airbnb is investigating and will perform an autopsy

In a statement to Bakersfield Now, Airbnb said they are investigating what happened and have deactivated the list where the Núñez family was staying. The name of the place where they were staying has not been released.

The company said in a statement:

This is a terrible tragedy, and our team’s thoughts are with the Núñez children and the entire extended family as they mourn the losses of José, María and Jayden. Safety is at the core of everything we do at Airbnb and we are conducting a thorough investigation into what happened.

Jacob told Bakersfield Now that an autopsy will be carried out in Mexico to determine the cause of death.


A GoFundMe has been set up to raise money to bring the family back to California for funeral arrangements.

Jacob told NBC 11 News: “We want our loved ones to return to the United States. We want to know what happened to them, of course, but … right now, we are focused on getting Jose, Maria and Jayden home. ”

At the time of this article’s publication, more than $ 11,000 had been raised out of a goal of $ 30,000.

The GoFundMe says, in part:

We lost 3 members of our family in a tragic accident while on vacation in Mexico. My nephew José Núñez Jr, his wife María and their 2-year-old son Jayden were found deceased on the AirBNB. They left 4 other children behind. Our hearts are broken and we hate asking for help, but we can’t imagine leaving them in Mexico. If you can help with anything it would be greatly appreciated …

Their bodies are in Mexico and we need help getting them back home and with the funeral arrangements. Help us bring our loved ones home. They leave behind 4 other children …

How donations will be used: For the 3 bodies to be returned home and funeral expenses. If there is anything left, they have 4 small children that they left behind, the remaining money would go to the children.

In a September 27 update, organizer Priscilla Mela wrote:

Thank you to everyone who has reached out to my family with donations, prayers, text messages, calls, and even just thinking of us during the day. This is a devastating loss for our family. It is an even more devastating loss for the children they leave behind. José was an incredible father. His children and his wife were truly the loves of his life. If you knew him, you knew without a doubt. His social media pages reflect the type of father he was. They were both dedicated to their family and worked very hard to support them. This is an unspeakable tragedy. Again, thank you for sharing the GoFundMe account and donating if you were able. More than anything else, we need your continued prayers.

On her Facebook page, Melo said enough money was raised to bring them home, but they are still raising money for three burials.

In 2018, a similar case made national news when an Iowa couple and their two children were found dead while on vacation in Mexico. The Mexican prosecutor’s office determined that the cause of death of Kevin Sharp, Amy Sharp and their two children was “asphyxia from inhaling toxic gases.” Chicago 5 reported.

The cause of death for the Núñez family has not yet been determined.

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