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Jose Baez Wiki, Biography

Tory Lanez, convicted of shooting Megan Thee Stallion, hired popular defense attorney José Báez to handle his case. Lanez could be sentenced to 22 years in prison for the 2020 incident that left Megan with an injured foot. Baez said things would have gone better if Lanez had reached out to him sooner. He said:

“Unfortunately, that’s the way it is, but he has me now. And I’m certainly willing to give it all I’ve got. And hopefully, we’ll get the best possible result for him.”

Tory, 30, was represented by David Kenner and Matthew Barhoma following her court appearance last week. Kenner will file a motion for another trial that clears Lanez of all charges.

The charges against Lanez include felony assault with a semi-automatic firearm, possession of a concealed and unregistered firearm, and discharging a firearm with gross negligence. The verdict in the case was expected to be out on January 27, but was postponed until February 28 following the recent change in Tory Lanez’s legal team.

José Báez has gained much from his career as a criminal defense attorney.

As a criminal defense attorney, José Báez has represented the cases of familiar faces such as Casey Anthony, Mark Nodlicht, Harvey Weinstein and others. According to CelebrityNetWorth, the 54-year-old’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.

He is known for representing Casey Anthony, who was accused of murdering her daughter Caylee. The charges against Casey were dropped within six weeks. Baez also wrote a book about the case titled Presumed Guilty with Peter Golenbock.

Baez was a lawyer for NFL star Aaron Hernandez, who was convicted of the murder of Odin Lloyd. Báez was convinced that his client was innocent, and Hernández was acquitted of the charges in April 2017.

He gained recognition for representing movie producer Harvey Weinstein in his most controversial case, where he was accused of sexual assault and sexual assault. He remained on the legal team until 2019, and the charges against Harvey were eventually dropped.

Tory Lanez’s father reacted to the guilty verdict in December 2022

In December 2022, Tory Lanez was found guilty of three felony counts related to a shooting involving Megan Thee Stallion. Following the verdict, her father, Sonstar Peterson, was seen protesting the verdict outside of court.

Tory’s stepmother was also present, and Peterson accused the system of being unfair and prosecutors wrong. While Tory was taken to prison, her father continued to protest and said that this was not over. Peterson also protested against Roc Nation, saying that they would fall apart.

Tory Lanez was arrested in July 2020 after leaving a house party. Megan Thee Stallion was also seen with him inside the car. Lanez was arrested in April of last year for violating the rules of a protection order related to the incident, but was later released.

Tory Lanez’s first album I Told You was released in 2016 and she continued her successful career with more albums like Memories Don’t Die, Love Me Now?, Chixtape 5 and more. He also released singles like Say It, LA Confidential, Luv, I Sip, and Miss You.