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John Mark Dougan, an American in Russia, engaged in a determined Kremlin-backed publicity effort to persuade the world that Vladimir Putin’s real expectation in his intrusion into Ukraine is to annihilate US-funded biological weapons offices. According to currently, he is in Ukraine to evaluate a part of those Biolabs, to show that they have been used by the US military to undermine Russia.

John Mark Dougan is an inexorably unmistakable figure in a burgeoning development of intriguers trying to put flesh on the bone of the outlandish idea that the Russian attack on Ukraine was carried out, essentially to a limited extent, to annihilate drug labs. US-funded biotech deadly microbes to release to the Russian public.

Dougan, a former police officer, has been living in Moscow since around 2016, when he fled Florida after being singled out in an intricate fake news activity in which he claimed he killed Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich gave him a spilled DNC message store.

The biolab hypothesis previously appeared on the scene on February 24, the same day Russia began the threats in Ukraine. These organic research facilities are explicitly supported by the Pentagon to lessen the danger of irresistible disease outbreaks. This work began as a program to recognize and obtain former Soviet biological weapons bureaus and annihilate dangerous examples that pose a danger to humanity.

Numerous freelance specialists, international bodies, and local legislatures, including those sympathetic to Russia, have claimed that the US program has lowered the stakes on the spot, not expanded it.

In the long periods of time that followed, the intrigue built up genuine momentum. He was supported by a Russian consulate in Sarajevo, the Russian state advertising outlet Sputnik, the former head of state Dmitry Medvedev, the Chinese state media Xinhua, and finally the unknown pastor Sergey Lavrov.

On March 11, Dougan transferred a 188-page file in Russian that purported to offer confirmation of the Americans’ smear plot. He transferred a harsh interpretation in English today. “The exercises of the military organic research facilities aim to demonstrate regular strains of other diseases, making unique plans that will have external indications of normal pestilences, but will bring the worst misfortunes.”


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