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John Llewellyn Wiki – Bio

lewellyn who had been drinking vodka and smoking cannabis, subsequently failed a roadside breath test at the scene but a subsequent reading showed he was under the alcohol and drug-driving limit.


John Llewellyn Age

He is 36 years old.

Killer of Single Mother

Miss Haydock, who lived in Wigan, Greater Manchester, with her 18 month old son suffered multiple fatal injuries in the impact and died in an ambulance whilst being taken to hospital.

It emerged he had been travelling at speeds of at least 49mph in a 30mph zone in the minutes before the impact. Inquiries revealed neither he nor Chloe were wearing seatbelts.

The disaster happened on January 13 2018 after Chloe had organized to meet Llewellyn after her home subsequent to swapping subtleties on the dating site.

A neighbor detected his Fiesta outside Chloe’s property at 12 PM at that point saw her eagerly getting into the vehicle with Llewellyn at 2.20am.

The vehicle was rushing through the Shevington region of Wigan when Llewellyn lost control as he drove down a precarious slope towards Gathurst railroad station.

The Fiesta careered along a solitary carriageway under a scaffold and crashed into a solid bollard on a twist which made the vehicle turn round and left it with broad front end harm.

Llewellyn supported breaks to his wrist and lower leg in addition to minor cuts and wounding. Be that as it may, Chloe endured unmistakably progressively genuine wounds, for the most part to her head, body and legs and was caught in the destruction.

Llewellyn had the option to scramble out of the vehicle however was not able assistance Miss Haydock, who was caught by her legs. He advised a passing driver who halted to help: ‘Another vehicle cleared me out.’

Miss Charlotte Crangle arraigning said Llewellyn was treated at the roadie by paramedics and he conceded having ‘one glass of vodka’ before the accident. She included: ‘A side of the road breath test was sure so an example of blood was taken for testing once he was at the clinic.’

Later tests demonstrated Llewellyn had 26 milligrams of liquor for each 100 mililitres of blood. As far as possible is 80mg.

Charges and Arrested

A drunk driver has been jailed for nearly four years after killing a single mother he met on Plenty of Fish after losing control and crashing his car while she sat in the front passenger seat.

Chloe Haydock, 26, was travelling in John Llewellyn’s Ford Fiesta when it lost control at speed and ploughed into a concrete bollard.

Miss Haydock, who lived in Wigan, Greater Manchester, with her 18 month old son suffered multiple fatal injuries in the impact and died in an ambulance whilst being taken to hospital.

Chloe Haydock from Wigan died when John Llewellyn smashed into a bollard.

Investigation Report

Today at Bolton Crown Court, Llewellyn, of Liverpool was imprisoned for 40 months after he conceded causing passing by perilous driving. He was likewise prohibited from driving for a long time and eight months.

Specialists did a back computation of what his liquor perusing would have been at the hour of the accident however tests could just close it was ‘somewhere in the range of 62mg and 142mg.’ Further tests demonstrated he had hints of THC – the vital psychoactive constituent of cannabis – in his framework.

Llewellyn later gave no remark in police meet other than to concede was possessed the Fiesta.

Requests uncovered there had been three past street mishaps somewhere in the range of 2000 and 2017 at the spot where Chloe was executed – all of which brought about minor wounds. CCTV was inspected which indicated the Fiesta careering down the slope without its brake lights enlightening.

Police examiners finished up the vehicle hit the kerb at 49mph at that point collided with the bollard at 34mph. Llewellyn had no supports on his driving permit however had recently been forewarned for having cannabis.

Condemning Judge Graeme Smith told Llewellyn: ‘Any passing in a street car crash is a catastrophe, however this case is especially shocking. It’s sad for you in light of the fact that because of the mishap you have been not able work and have endured noteworthy physical and mental troubles including PTSD.

‘Be that as it may, that could not hope to compare to the group of a Chloe Haydock, who kicked the bucket at age 26, at the point she adored her life and had such a great amount to anticipate. She was a much adored mother, little girl, step little girl, sister, step sister, aunties and granddaughter.

‘Each one of those relatives are enduring ordinarily since she passed on. Her mom likewise has PTSD, and her and Chloe’s sibling Craig are on antidepressants. Her child Leo was just year and a half old at the time, and he should grow up with constrained recollections of his mom.

‘This catastrophe came about because of an incomprehensible bit of driving. You can’t review what occurred and no one else was at the scene who can help with that. ‘Proof shows you were going at 49mph in a 30mph farthest point on way to deal with a solitary intersection under a scaffold where the street limits and the street twists pointedly.

‘There are clear notice signs on way to deal with the intersection and traffic lights before the extension. It will perpetually be obscure exactly why you were driving so quick. You held a driving permit for a brief timeframe, and as you can’t review what occur, it can’t be said whether your absence of driving experience contributed.

‘You have indicated no regret and you have not apologized to the family. I have perused some proof that you proposed to end your own life as you saw no other method to take care of Chloe’s family for her demise. Yet, it’s unmistakable to comprehend the indignation that has been added to their melancholy.’

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