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Who was Joanne Witt? Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Cause of Death

Joanne Witt Wiki – Joanne Witt Biography

Daniel BurkeJoanne Witt was stabbed at least 20 times while she slept in her home in El Dorado Hills, California, in June 2009. Before her murder, the 47-year-old woman, who worked as a mechanical engineer, had reported that her daughter Tylar had been the victim of rape by her older lover, Steven Colver, setting off a heartbreaking chain. of events. Here, FEMAIL has laid bare the disturbing realities as the latest episode of People Investigates magazine explores the case of the couple who considered themselves a real-life Romeo and Juliet. The horrible true story began in December 2008, when Joanne’s daughter Tylar met Steven at a local coffee shop shortly after she started ninth grade and he started college. The single mother, who was concerned about the age difference, was initially told that her relationship was just a friendship and that Steven was gay.

And Tylar soon convinced her mother to let Steven rent a room in her family home. Joanna reportedly told her friends that she thought the older boy could help her daughter with her homework and that she could put the extra income toward the mortgage. But Norb, Joanne’s father, told 48 Hours: “Nobody, every friend he had, every family member, didn’t want him there.” But Joanne was very strong willed. However, she later learned that the relationship had turned sexual after encountering the young couple in a compromising position. Joanne called two co-workers to help her kick Steven out of the house and warned him to stay away from her daughter. But he didn’t seem fazed, and she reportedly returned to visit him when Tylar’s mother was at work or late at night when she was sleeping. The couple had also reportedly started dabbling in drugs together, including marijuana, cocaine and ecstasy.

Joanne Witt Age

Joanne Witt was 47 years old.

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Cause of Death

The situation proved to be too much for Joanne, who went to the police to report Steven for statutory rape following his sexual relationship with her minor daughter. She also turned over Tylar’s diary, which was filled with “very explicit writings of different sexual positions,” as evidence of her encounters with Steven, according to prosecutor Lisette Suder. Suder previously told CBS News: “She wanted [Steven] to stay away from his daughter, but they couldn’t stand the thought of not being together and that’s when the conspiracy began. Tylar was said to be angry with Joanne and devastated at the thought that her boyfriend could be sent to prison, which is when the couple decided to take action. The investigation into the sordid relationship was still ongoing when Joanne’s own parents received a call from her boss asking about her whereabouts after she didn’t show up for work. The call immediately set off alarm bells for the retired couple and Joanne’s boss revealed that she had already called the sheriffs to request a welfare check because she was so out of character for the dedicated employee.

El Dorado County Sheriff Jeff Leikauf recounted: ‘Deputies were able to enter through the side of the house. They went up the stairs to the master bedroom. ‘They immediately discovered a woman lying partially on a bed. They had covered her with a blanket, there was no movement, but there was a lot of blood.’ Joanne had been stabbed at least 20 times with what police believed was a 10-inch-long chef’s knife, but the weapon was never recovered. Suder, who described the attack as “very violent”, revealed: “It was a very, very, very horrific scene.” There was a wound that almost decapitated her. Tylar herself was not in the house and authorities soon realized that she had fled with Steven, sparking a manhunt. The couple had planned to commit suicide with rat poison on their four-month anniversary in the belief that Steven would go to prison and both had prepared incriminating suicide notes. It is believed that they considered themselves similar to Shakespeare’s doomed lovers Romeo and Juliet, who died for their love, but their initial attempt had left Tylar with nothing but a stomach ache.

Before attempting the plan again, the teens were discovered by local officers 100 miles after stopping to change clothes behind a dumpster at a shopping center. The pair eventually turned on each other during separate interrogations and the case later went to trial. Steven, who at one point had told his friends how he stabbed his girlfriend’s mother with a butcher knife, changed his story. He claimed that Joanne was already dead when she arrived at the house and claimed that it was Tylar who stabbed her to death. Tylar’s own story is that she fell to the floor before entering entering her mother’s room and sat with her hands over her ears humming as Steven slaughtered Joanne. The jury rejected Steven’s defense claims and Tylar agreed to testify against him in court. In 2011, as a result of her testimony, the then 16-year-old was convicted of second-degree murder and received a reduced sentence of 15 years to life in prison. She will be eligible for parole in 2024 aged 29. Steven, then 21, was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole.

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