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Jo-Carroll Dennison was an American actress and model who was Miss America in 1942 and one of the first to oppose wearing a bathing suit during her reign. At the time of her death, she was the oldest surviving former Miss America.

Dennison has crowned Miss America on September 12, 1942, after entering the pageant as Miss Texas. She had previously won both the talent show and the swimsuit show in the contest. As Miss America during World War II, she spent much of her time visiting “defense plants, hospitals, and service fields” and selling war bonds. She refused to wear a bathing suit as part of her role in Miss America. After her time as Miss America, Dennison left for Hollywood. On November 18, 1942, 20th Century Fox signed her to a seven-year contract. She had roles in Winged Victory and The Jolson Story. She made appearances on the Dick Tracy series in 1950.

Jo-Carroll Dennison Age

Jo-Carroll Dennison was 97 years old.


Dennison married comedian Phil Silvers on March 2, 1945. They divorced March 8, 1950. The union produced no children. Dennison later married television producer, Russell Stoneham, and had two sons with him, Peter and John. She lived in Idyllwild, California, in the San Jacinto Mountains.

Jo-Carroll Dennison Cause of Death

Miss America 1942 Jo-Carroll Dennison has died. She was 97 years old. Dennison, who was the oldest living Miss America and had refused to wear a bathing suit again on stage after being crowned, died at her home in California on October 18, her son said, according to Deadline. Her cause of death has yet to be revealed.

“We appreciate her year of service and will miss her very much,” the Miss America Organization wrote in a statement shared on social media last week.

“Now in my 98th year, the eight decades that have passed since I won the contest have been filled with wonderfully fascinating experiences,” she said in a pre-recorded message. “But every time I am introduced to a stranger, whoever he is, no one talks about the many adventures I have had. They invariably say, ‘She’s a former Miss America, you know.’ ”

“In 1942, the contest was mostly about looks. However, I never thought I had won because of my appearance, but because of the way I felt about myself. With this in mind, I flatly refused to wear my swimwear. I brought on stage after the contest, starting with the first stop of the tour, “he continued.

Dennison went on to share how “thrilled” she was when the organization announced in 2018 that they were scrapping the swimsuit portion of the competition.

“I am glad that I lived long enough to see how women’s fight against inequality, sexual harassment and abuse has finally hit the ground and I hope the future Miss Americas can help advance the progress of healing the divisions. in our country between racial lines. ” , fight voter suppression and motivate all of us to respond to the specter of climate change, “she continued.” As in the 1940s, Miss America has the opportunity to represent values ​​that unite and heal. So I left my cup to future Miss America to continue to be a force for good. ”

Decades after winning the crown, Dennison also began giving back to the community in another way: as a hospice worker.

“I had a fantastic life and met so many interesting and talented people. I thought I should do something to give back, so I worked at Hemet Hospice for 11 years,” said Dennison, who worked there in the 1980s and 1990s. The California newspaper The Press-Enterprise in 2011. I feel like it was really the most purposeful rewarding job I ever did,” he continued. “When I was Miss America, the boys were wonderful, but it was the symbol they applauded. Working for a hospice I thought I deserved the applause I received.”

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