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Jo Acker was identified as the mall security guard who was shot and killed in Boise, Idaho, shooting in the mall. Acker, an army veteran, was remembered as “always kind and caring,” and family members described Acker as a hero who died protecting others. The active-shooter who showed up at the mall was stopped by two lines of defense: Acker, who worked as a guard, and a Boise police officer.

Police described a chaotic scene in which a Boise police officer confronted the suspect and a shooting broke out in Boise Towne Square, a popular shopping center. Acker and another victim, still unidentified, lost their lives and five people were injured in addition to the suspect, whose name was not released.

Acker was named by family members on social media. Friends wrote on Facebook that Acker identified as a transgender woman. Although some people who knew Acker identified her as Joseph Acker or Joe Acker, Acker preferred the name Jo. “Please call me Jo, I’m a trans woman and if you don’t like it, I don’t care.” Acker wrote on his Facebook page.

Community members wrote that Acker was a hero. “I am a stranger to you and your family, I thank you for protecting others with your own life. We all owe you a debt of gratitude, “wrote one woman. on Acker’s Facebook page.

Acker’s sister described Acker as possessing a ‘huge heart of gold’

Acker’s sister wrote a touching tribute to Acker on Facebook.

“I can’t even put into words how devastated and devastated I am. Jo, you were always kind and caring … you always had a huge heart of gold. I always felt like your guardian. I always wanted to protect you and you always wanted to protect others. You were, are and always will be a hero. I love you to the ends of this earth and beyond. I will miss you until we meet again! Always love your older sister 😭💞💓💕 ”, she wrote on Facebook.

A friend wrote: “RIP Jo Acker, it feels like we are playing pool and swinging on the swings listening to music. You were always a great friend to talk to. Biomat peeps will miss you ❤️ ”

“Jo had an incredible spirit and we will definitely miss her. Rest easy, my friend. 🙏, ”wrote another person.

According to police, around 1:50 p.m. on Monday, October 25, 2021, Boise police officers “responded to a shooting call at the N. Milwaukee shopping center, with initial reports that at least one person He was shot. Minutes later, officers confronted an individual who matched the suspect’s description outside the mall. Shots were exchanged, injuring both the suspect and an officer. ”

The investigation “into a shooting that occurred in and outside the Boise Towne Square Mall this afternoon remains under investigation by the Boise Police Department with the help of state, local and federal partners,” the Boise Police Department wrote in a statement from press.

“An exchange of gunfire between the suspect and the officer will be investigated separately by the Critical Incident Task Force led by the Meridian Police Department.”

A woman wrote on Facebook, “I closed my store when I heard the shots and we stayed in our back room until we were evacuated by the police.”

On social media, people wrote that a security guard approached the shooter first, although police have not confirmed this. “I think the security officer approached the shooter just outside the Macy’s entrance,” wrote one.

Acker, who identified as a woman and had worked as a teacher and laboratory technician, was called “an absolute hero”

Friends remembered Acker as an “absolute hero.”

“Jo Acker was an absolute hero and an exceptional person, but he was also a woman. The least everyone can do to respect the dead is use their correct pronouns. It’s not about you, it’s about her. That’s all I’m going to say today. We will miss you very much, dear. ” wrote a friend on Facebook.

People expressed concern that Acker was being mistreated in stories and posts. “It’s heartbreaking that it even needs to be said. She did not deserve to die and she does not deserve to have her spirit taken down like this, ”wrote the friend.

Acker listed the following positions on his Facebook page:

Laboratory Technician at Grifols Plasma
Former technician at Dave & Buster’s
Former Taekwondo Teacher of Yong-In Master Lee
Former Fandemonium Staff
Ex Busser at Dave & Buster’s
Went to Frank Church High School

Acker wrote that he lived in Boise and was from Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The panic at the scene was captured on video.

“Two people have been confirmed dead as a result of their injuries,” police wrote in the press release.

“Five more people were transported with injuries, including the suspect and a responding officer.”

According to the police, the suspect acted alone. Officers continued to respond to the scene and located multiple victims. Working in coordination with the mall’s security protocols, officers worked to evacuate and clear the mall. The mall will remain closed while the investigation continues. At this time, we believe there was only one shooter involved and there is no ongoing threat to the broader community, ”they wrote.

Acker, who was described as introverted and caring, served in the US military.

A photo emerged showing Acker in a military uniform. A friend, Kevin Goncalves, wrote, “Rip Jo Acker. It was an honor meeting you and serving with you. ”

On Facebook, Acker wrote: “Former Forward Observer in the US Army”

According to the Idaho statesman, Acker “joined the military after high school, and was a forward artillery observer and paratrooper.” Kevin Goncalves told the Statesman that Acker was charged with “jumping out of planes and doing follow-up missions on the ground,” adding that they were also stationed in Latvia.

Goncalves told the Statesman that Acker was “an introvert, a video game lover, ‘an excellent runner’ and a caring person.”

The suspect is in critical condition ”, revealed the police. “The officer has been treated and released. The Boise Police Department will not release additional information on the other victims treated at the hospital. ”

“We can’t really speak at this point of any motivation behind this,” said Boise Police Chief Ryan Lee. at a press conference.

Acker’s most recent viewable post on Facebook concerns the Grim Reaper.

It’s chilling, Acker’s most visible Facebook post was from August and it was a graphic that read, “Grim reaper. Joseph, you will die from drinking too much water at 102, and your last words will be: ‘Hand out stun guns at my funeral, last person standing gets all my stuff.’

Acker wrote in the caption: “too old, but I am willing to attend that funeral.”

Idaho Governor Brad Little wrote on Twitter: “Those injured in today’s unthinkable shooting at the Boise Towne Square Mall are in my prayers. The state of Idaho stands ready to assist the Boise Police Department as they investigate the shooting. ”

The police press release continued: “This was a traumatic experience for our community as a whole and our hearts go out to all the victims, witnesses, first responders and those who have been affected by today’s events,” said the head of Boise PD Ryan. Leeward. “We recognize that the community has many questions and concerns. The Boise Police Department will work to ensure that we provide information to the community as quickly as possible in conjunction with our investigators and prosecutors. ”

“With the closure of the Boise Towne Square Mall, anyone who needs to retrieve items left in the mall will be able to do so tomorrow. More information about this will be shared on BPD’s Twitter and Facebook. The scene is safe at the moment and no one will be able to enter tonight. ”

The mall’s page declared people “heartbroken” and called the shooting a “terrible tragedy.”

Boise Towne Plaza wrote on facebook“We are heartbroken and working closely with the Boise Police Department as they investigate the circumstances that led to this terrible tragedy. We appreciate your quick response and your continued collaboration. This is devastating for our entire community, and our thoughts are with the family and friends of the victims during this unimaginable time. ”

The page added: “In compliance and respect for our community, our shopping center will be closed tomorrow. This is an ongoing investigation and we are directing all inquiries to the Boise Police Department. ”

One woman wrote in the comment thread: “A huge thank you to your staff members for doing their part in caring for those involved. They went out of their way to help and protect their clients. Everyone who works in that area is better off getting the biggest bonus of their lives. ”

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