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Jimmy Lindsey Wiki, Biography

Jimmy Lindsey, 83, allegedly sustained multiple injuries after being attacked by two dogs outside his South Los Angeles home on December 16, 2022. Lindsey had to spend the holidays in the hospital undergoing treatment.

It was later discovered that the dogs belonged to his neighbor. However, no charges have been filed against the owner. Jimmy Lindsey said he lost consciousness during the attack and was saved by a neighbor who freed him from the dogs.

After the incident, Jimmy’s daughter created a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for Jimmy’s treatment and recovery. The fundraiser was intended to raise an amount of $100,000 but has already raised nearly $15,000.

Animal control reportedly talked to the owner about the future of the dogs, but the owner allegedly refused to turn them over.

‘I thought my life was over: South Los Angeles resident Jimmy Lindsey after being brutally attacked by a neighbor’s dogs

After being attacked by two dogs outside his South Los Angeles residence on December 16, 2022, Jimmy Lindsey underwent multiple surgeries. According to reports, he needs at least a year to fully recover.

Jimmy Lindsey was in his yard when two dogs allegedly attacked him. He was soon rushed to a hospital in Riverside, California, and was admitted to ICU, FOX11 reported.

Lindsey’s family mentioned that they have not filed charges against his neighbor. Jimmy recalled the incident and said the dogs dragged him away like a “rag doll.” The dogs were found to be mixed breeds and the owner had refused to surrender them.

When asked about the vicious attack on ABC7, Jimmy Lindsey, 83, said:

“They both hit me and started biting me on both ends. And one had my legs, pulling me, and the other had my hands.”
Jimmy’s daughter, Belynda Lindsey, said it was a miracle that her father survived the violent attack. The Los Angeles resident had to undergo numerous surgeries to repair the damage done to his arms and legs. Medical professionals have even mentioned that Lindsey could lose her right arm. Lindsey further stated:

“I was (dragged) back and forth across the lawn like a rag doll. I thought my life was over, yes I did.”
He added:

“They are murderers. They are a hideous type of animal. I would not want anyone, but no one, to go through the pain that I am going through day after day.”

A neighbor took the initiative to free Jimmy from the dogs after Lindsey was knocked unconscious. The dogs fled once the rescue team reached the scene. The Lindsey family is trying to recover from Jimmy’s horrible physical and emotional damage.

When told that the owner refused to give up the dogs, Belynda said: “That the owner says no, that you are not going to take my dog, and that they give you a court order, that for me is evil.” She further mentioned that there will be a hearing to decide the future of the dogs.

Jimmy’s daughter launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for her father’s recovery

Belynda mentioned that her father would need at least a year to recover from the gruesome injuries he sustained from the attack. She also said that before the incident, Jimmy Lindsey was healthy and “walked miles.” She added,

“He’s been receiving wound care, and the doctor said we’re not out of the woods yet for his arm to work.” As mentioned above, Belynda Lindsey launched a GoFundMe fundraiser to raise money to cover the costs of Jimmy’s long-term treatment and recovery. Her goal is to raise an amount of $100,000.

The GoFundMe post read:

“Grandpa [Jimmy Lindsey] can’t use his arms or hands, nor can he walk. My father, the grandfather, will not be able to take care of himself for a long time. Also, he will need bathroom modifications to accommodate his lack of mobility. Gramps and the Lindsey family will require extensive trauma therapy as a result of this attack.”

The post further stated:

“My father, Jimmy “Gramps” Lindsey, will need his help during this time, as the expected cost of his support and recovery will be astronomical. This has been a very horrific and physically, emotionally and mentally traumatic event for Grandpa.”

Belynda also mentioned in the post that Jimmy will need 24-hour care during recovery and improved fencing to ensure his safety when he returns home. Concluding the post, she asked everyone to keep her father and her family in her prayers.