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Jim Wayne met Planck on October 17 to watch his 10-year-old son play soccer. She said that she seemed “anxious” and “nervous” when they met. After the game, Planck disappeared. Police have released surveillance footage of Heidi’s home leaving her home with her dog Seven in the Reynier Village district of Los Angeles on October 17. She has not been seen since.

According to Wayne, she received a phone call from an official with the Securities and Exchange Commission on October 21 asking for Jason Sugarman, the managing partner of Camden Capital Partners LLC, the company that employs Planck. Heidi Planck’s ex-husband says he suspects the disappearance of the missing 39-year-old Los Angeles accountant is related to her job, as he revealed that federal investigators called him with questions about her boss.

Jim Wayne Age

Jim Wayne is 63 years old.

LA mom’s disappearance linked to workplace secrets

Jim Wayne, the ex-husband of the missing accountant Heidi Planck of Los Angeles, suspects that her disappearance could be related to some secrets at her workplace, especially since it became known now that his boss was involved in a $ 43 million fraud. Wayne had previously reported her missing and said she seemed “nervous” and “angry” the last time they met at her son’s soccer game. She also revealed that Planck argued with her current boyfriend of hers before disappearing, giving Wayne the idea that she was “cheating on” him.

Heidi Planck was last seen on October 17 in surveillance footage outside her home in Los Angeles, California. Now it has emerged that her boss was under federal securities investigation for possible fraud charges. According to local reports, Planck’s dog was found wandering alone on the 28th floor of a high-rise building 12 miles from her home the day she disappeared. However, her ex-husband informed her of her disappearance only three days later, when she was unable to pick up her son from school.

Jim Wayne, 63, is a celebrity hairstylist in Beverly Hills. He and Heidi were together for four years and remained married for two years. However, they eventually divorced after the birth of their son. The two had a marked age difference of 24 years.

Wayne and Planck were divorced more than nine years ago and Heidi has not been married since. Her son is her only child, and she had a “relaxed parenting style,” as Wayne claims. Meanwhile, Wayne also admitted that despite her apparent argument with her, he felt that Heidi’s new love interest was a “great man.” “He thought she was just turning him into a ghost. He didn’t know. He lived in San Francisco and she wanted him to leave, so they said they started arguing, but he couldn’t because he had to work.” Wayne revealed.

He further added: “I don’t care about him. He is a great man. I’m certainly not a detective, but he seems like a great person. ”

Heidi had secrets at her workplace

Heidi, who worked as an accountant at Camden Capital Partners LLC, may have had information about a major fraud involving her boss. Wayne shared that federal authorities asked him about her work and asked about Jason Sugarman, the managing partner of Heidi’s company. . In 2019, the SEC charged Sugarman with a fraud scheme in which he extracted $ 43 million from pension funds. He also defrauded a Native American tribe by leaving them $ 60 million in debt. Sugarman is also known as the minority owner of the Los Angeles Football Club and as the son-in-law of Hollywood mogul Peter Guber.

Heidi Planck’s designation in Camden was that of a controller requiring her to oversee the entire accounting process, including accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, inventory, and compliance. So there are chances that she knew some Sugarman secrets at the investment advisory firm. In fact, Heidi had even casually mentioned to her friends and family that “her boss has her name on much of the corporate paperwork.” She also shared that her business has to file some tax returns.

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