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Popular R&B singer Jewell Caples is no longer with us. The artist died on May 6, 2022. She was on Death Row Records for quite some time, from 1992 to 1996.

The hip-bounce star was 54 years old at the time of her death. A slew of accolades are popping up on Twitter as fans are crushed over her passing. May her left soul rest in heaven. Is Jewell Caples dead? Passing Cause And Obituary Jewell Caples has passed away, as per her Wikipedia bio.

Birth name Jewell Caples
Also known as Ju-L, Jewell Peyton, Jewell Curtis
Born June 12, 1968
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Died May 6, 2022 (age 53)
Genres R&B
profession(s) Singer
years active 1991-2006
labels Death Row Records (1992-1999)

The artist passed away at age 54 in the wake of graced us with many hits for over 20 years. She was noticeably known as “Jewell,” but went by different names, for example, “Ju-L, Jewell Peyton, and Jewell Curtis.”

She was awarded in the 90’s and at that time was approved for the most famous music record, Death Row Records.

The accolades are all over Twitter, but the reason for this isn’t fully resolved at this point. No authoritative news source ensures her downfall as we search for her passing reason.

What’s going on with Jewell Caples? Previous illness and family Jewell Caples was not known to have a terminal illness.

She also did not experience any significant disease to our knowledge. Her death is a less than ideal one, as no illness was revealed. Trust that the singer will discover a lasting sense of reconciliation wherever she is.

We extend our sincere condolences to her family and everyone who knew her. Jewell Caples Net Worth 2022 Jewell Caples’ total net worth is currently estimated at approximately $14 million, according to Net Worth Leaks.

In addition, she was born and raised in Chicago and began performing professionally in 1987. The R&B craftsman stopped making music in 2006, but appeared incessantly in TV shows. Jewell was most popular as “The First Lady of Death Row Records.” She also distributed a diary, My Blood My Sweat My Tears.


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