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Jesse Lee Calhoun – Suspected Portland Serial Killer Stands Silent in Court

Jesse Lee Calhoun has been indicted on second-degree murder, charged in the death of 24-year-old Charity Lynn Perry, 31-year-old Bridget Leann Webster, and 32-year-old Joanna Speaks.

Prosecutors say they’re still investigating the deaths of at least two additional women, Kristin Smith and Ashley Real. He’s also facing three charges of second-degree abuse of a corpse.

All three women were found dead under suspicious circumstances in wooded or secluded areas around Portland last year.

Detectives have linked the murders to a man granted early release from his sentence. Jesse Lee Calhoun, 38, was granted early release after he joined a group of inmates fighting devastating wildfires. Calhoun had been sentenced to four years in prison for felonies including burglary, unauthorized possession of a stolen vehicle, and injuring a police officer and a police dog as they attempted to arrest him.

Calhoun’s clemency has been revoked, and he is back behind bars.