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What happened to Jerry Bird from “Street Outlaws”? Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Family, Height, Net Worth, Fast Facts

“Street Outlaws” is a popular reality TV show that follows the lives of street racers as they compete in high-stakes races. One of the prominent racers in the show is Jerry Bird, hailing from New Orleans. Over the years, Jerry, along with his crew chief and brother Darryl, has become known for his skills and competitiveness in the world of street racing.

However, like any sport, street racing comes with its fair share of risks and challenges. In this article, we will delve into the events surrounding Jerry Bird’s experiences on the show, including his racing career, notable moments, and unfortunate incidents. While drawing information from various sources, we will ensure a unique and informative piece that captures the essence of Jerry Bird’s journey on the show. Stay tuned!

Who is Jerry Bird?

His early life, family and educational background

Jerry and Darryl Bird are brothers and residents of New Orleans, with roots in Plaquemines Parish, Los Angeles, USA. They grew up surrounded by the water, always engaging in outdoor activities together, instilling in Jerry a competitive spirit from an early age. As he describes, ‘We just like to race. I mean, we race everything, we race boats, and bikes, cars, duallies, whatever… We try to be the fastest in anything we’ve got out here!’.

Initially, it was Darryl who delved into drag racing, taking up the role of a driver. On the other hand, Jerry had been steadily building his reputation as a motorcycle builder and repair resource, specializing in grudge motorcycles such as Hayabusas, ZX14s, and GSX-R1000s. Nonetheless, in the mid-’90s, Jerry’s interest in four-wheeled drag racing began to grow; prompted by Darryl’s decision to step away from driving following a harrowing on-track fire that forced him to jump out of the car. Jerry, fueled by his own curiosity and desire, seized the opportunity to keep the family involved by getting his own car.

Jerry recalls, ‘I’d watched Darryl race, and I wanted to get into it. And I’m always the type of person, when I do something, I try to do it a hundred percent’. Without any prior experience on a race track, Jerry purchased a 1970 Camaro and transformed it into a racing machine. With modifications such as a roll cage, coil-over shocks, ladder bars, and a powerful PAW 468 short block engine, Jerry introduced himself to drag racing with an impressive 11.90-second run.

Soon, he was pushing the limits of the car, achieving 9.90-second passes on motor alone, racing on the streets and wherever he could find a suitable track. To further enhance his speed, Jerry transitioned to a lighter chassis, a Nissan 240Z, with which he achieved eight-second passes. However, the stock chassis’ limitations became evident when the car started lifting the left-front tire even at rest. Consequently, the 468 engine was transplanted into a purpose-built ’92 Beretta that Jerry meticulously improved with paintwork and body modifications, propelling him to 8.50-second passes on just motor, and 7.80-second passes on nitrous. Impressive!

The brothers eventually removed the reliable 468 engine, and replaced it with a 632-engine from Chicago, which marked the final major upgrade to their program for a while. The 632 engines enabled them to achieve 8.0-second passes on motor alone, and clear the eighth-mile in an impressive 4.70 seconds with the assistance of nitrous. Unfortunately, their racing journey hit a setback when the car was destroyed in a crash shortly after, as Jerry explains, ‘I wasn’t used to tire shake, man. So, I tried to drive right through the tire shake, and I wound up wrecking the car, putting it on its roof’. Yikes! Due to financial constraints, Jerry began driving other people’s cars as a hired driver, until he came across a particular Ford Probe that became available and purchased it. The Bird brothers transformed the car with a new front-half and suspension, even frame-railing it, making it their own.

Jerry Bird’s Racing Career

Jerry Bird is anything but ordinary when it comes to racing. With his contagious personality and insatiable need for speed, he quickly captured the hearts of fans on the popular reality TV show, “Street Outlaws.” Recognized for his affinity for muscle cars and his iconic handlebar mustache, Jerry brings a unique charm to the realm of street racing. Hailing from New Orleans, Jerry has been deeply involved in the street racing scene for nearly three decades now, passionately pursuing his love for the sport.

Along with his brother Darryl Bird, he forms the highly respected racing team, the Bird Boyz. Renowned for their exceptional skills and unwavering determination, they’ve established themselves as one of the top teams in the world of No Prep racing. Jerry takes the wheel of a striking blue-colored Ford Probe, fearlessly competing on various terrains such as prepped tracks, concrete roads, no-prep tracks, asphalt and beyond.

Overview of “Street Outlaws”

“Street Outlaws” is a reality television series that follows the lives of street racers primarily in Oklahoma City, also around the US. These racers compete against each other on public roads, pushing the limits of their cars and themselves. With a mix of adrenaline-pumping races, colorful personalities, and a close-knit community, the show has garnered a massive following of racing enthusiasts and TV viewers alike.

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Jerry burst onto the scene with a bang. Bird’s introduction to the national stage came through his appearances in “Street Outlaws: New Orleans,” before he further made his mark in the “Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings” series. His fervent passion for racing and undeniable skill captured the attention of producers, securing him a spot among the esteemed racers in New Orleans. From the very beginning, Jerry showcased his unwavering desire to emerge victorious on the street.

Throughout his journey on the show, he has accumulated an array of unforgettable moments and remarkable accomplishments. Whether it’s triumphing over long-standing rivals, or achieving record-breaking speeds, Jerry has etched his name into the fabric of the show. With his relentless determination and exceptional driving skills, he has established himself as a formidable force on the streets.

Jerry Bird’s Involvement in Accidents

Unfortunately, street racing comes with its obvious risks, and Jerry has faced his fair share of accidents and incidents. While pushing the limits, he’s been involved in a few crashes that have left his fans holding their breath. However, Jerry’s resilience and love for racing have always allowed him to bounce back. Along with the challenges faced on the street, Jerry has also encountered personal struggles and setbacks. From mechanical failures to financial obstacles, the road to success hasn’t always been smooth, but Jerry’s tenacity and ability to overcome adversity have shown his true character both on and off the track.

The Crash at Tucson Dragway

One of the most significant incidents in Jerry’s racing career occurred at the Tucson Dragway in Arizona, during the filming of “Street Outlaws” Live. Jerry was driving their newly acquired Ford Probe, a former IHRA Mountain Motor Pro Stock machine, when he lost control of the car after crossing the 660-foot finish line. The car veered sharply to the left, narrowly missing fellow racer Scott Taylor, and collided with the retaining wall before flipping over and coming to a stop in the shutdown area.

Fortunately, Jerry emerged from the wreckage unharmed, a testament to the strength of the chassis and the effectiveness of his safety gear. The crash left the car in need of extensive repairs, but Jerry’s safety remained intact. He expressed gratitude that the incident did not have more severe consequences.

The Aftermath

Following the crash, Jerry and Darryl transported the damaged car to Wizard Racing in Holden, Louisiana. There, skilled fabricator Jason Woods would oversee the rebuilding process. Despite the visible damage to the body, the chassis remained intact, offering a glimmer of hope for a successful rebuild. The car required various repairs, including a new front clip, nose, and a donor passenger side quarter panel from another Probe. The Bird brothers also planned to take advantage of the situation by installing an older-style front clip, which would benefit them in the long run. While the rebuild would take up to to six weeks, Jerry acknowledged the emotional toll of seeing their newly acquired car in such a state.

The Resilience of Jerry Bird

Jerry Bird’s passion for racing remains unshaken despite the crash. He acknowledges the inherent risks associated with the sport, and recognized that accidents are an unfortunate part of the territory. His determination to continue racing was evident as he contemplated the possibility of getting another car, and the likelihood of facing similar challenges in the future.

Bird’s positive attitude and resilience have been instrumental in his ability to bounce back from setbacks. He expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support he received from the racing community, sponsors, and fans, emphasizing that their contributions were crucial to his success. Bird’s unscathed escape from the crash serves as a reminder of the importance of proper safety gear in motorsports. He emphasized the significance of wearing safety equipment, including helmets, fire suits, and harnesses, which played a vital role in protecting him during the accident. His experience serves as a valuable lesson for all racers, highlighting the necessity of prioritizing safety measures.

Facing theft

In 2018, Jerry Bird fell victim to a significant theft that deeply impacted him. Taking to Facebook, he shared the unfortunate news that his engine had been stolen, and appealed to the community for assistance in locating it. In a gesture of desperation and determination, Jerry offered a substantial $10,000 reward to anyone who could help recover the stolen engine. The shocking revelation came when another racer commented on the post, disclosing that the engine’s value was estimated to be in the range of $70,000 to $85,000. This revelation left fans astounded by the sheer magnitude of the theft, and the value of the stolen engine.

Memorable Races and Rivalries

Jerry Bird’s time on “Street Outlaws” was filled with high-stakes races and intense rivalries that kept fans on the edge of their seats, or on their feet. One of his most memorable races was against fellow racer, Dave ‘Daddy Dave’ Comstock. The two street racing veterans went head-to-head in a nail-biting showdown that left viewers in awe of their driving skills and competitive spirit. Another notable rivalry for Jerry Bird was with Ryan Martin, known for his impressive car the ‘Fireball Camaro’. These two drivers pushed each other to the limit, engaging in fiercely competitive races that had fans divided, cheering for their favorite.

Throughout his career in the show, Jerry had several standout performances and impressive wins. One of his most talked-about victories came when he defeated the legendary Big Chief in a highly anticipated match-up. This win solidified Bird’s reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the street racing community. Bird’s car, a souped-up Pontiac Grand Prix, also played a significant role in his success. Its unique modifications and powerful engine gave him an edge over his opponents, often leaving them in the dust as he crossed the finish line.

Life after the show

After experiencing an unforgettable run on “Street Outlaws”, Jerry made the difficult decision to step away from the show. Wanting to pursue new challenges and explore different avenues in his life, Bird decided to leave the series behind, much to the disappointment of his fans. Although his departure left a void in the community, Jerry’s decision to transition out of the show allowed him to focus on personal endeavors and devote more time to his family and other passions.

While he may have stepped away from the show, his love for motorsports remained unwavering. He continued to stay involved in the racing world, participating in various local events and even mentoring up-and-coming racers. Bird’s expertise and experience made him a valuable figure in the motorsport’s community. Whether he was sharing his racing knowledge or cheering on new talents, Jerry’s continued involvement in the sport showcased his dedication and passion for all things racing.

Tributes and Honors

Following Jerry Bird’s departure from “Street Outlaws”, fans and fellow racers paid tribute to his legacy in various ways. Social media platforms were flooded with messages of appreciation for his contributions to the show, highlighting his skill, sportsmanship, and memorable moments. The show even dedicated an episode to Jerry, showcasing his most remarkable races and highlighting the impact he had on the show, and its viewers. This tribute episode served as a touching acknowledgment of his significant role in the beloved franchise.

His presence on the show played a pivotal role in shaping the show’s narrative. His intense rivalries, thrilling races, and memorable wins added an extra layer of excitement and competition to each episode. Bird’s departure left a void within the show, forcing other racers to step up and fill his shoes. His impact extended far beyond his time on the series. Additionally, his contributions helped establish it as a fan-favorite show within the motorsport’s community, leaving a lasting impression on both the show’s narrative and its dedicated viewers.

What is he up to now?

When he’s not tearing up the track on television, Jerry embraces his role as a dedicated husband and family man. According to an article on Gossip Next Door, Jerry Bird has been married to Kim Creason-Bird since July 27, 1995. Kim, a  2014 graduate of the University of New Orleans with a BA in marketing, plays a vital role as the marketing director for Bird Boyz Racing (the racing company owned by Jerry and his brother Darryl). She also manages the day-to-day operations of the business.

Together, Kim and Jerry have two children: a son named Taylor Bird and daughter Meaghan Bird, whom they share. Additionally, Kim is the mother of another son, Erik Poche, from a previous relationship. Her Instagram account showcases snapshots of herself, her husband, and various exciting racing escapades.

Where can you find him?

Fans of this legend can find him on both Instagram and Facebook, boasting a following of 14,000 and 65,000 followers, respectively. He also shares a website with his brother- ‘Bird Boyz Racing’ on which appear updates on races, stories, a gallery and their merchandise.

Jerry Bird’s journey on “Street Outlaws” has been a mix of triumphs and challenges. As a skilled and respected competitor, he’s made a lasting impression on fellow racers and fans. Despite the setback of a crash at Tucson Dragway, he remains determined to rebuild, and continue his racing career, showcasing his resilience and passion. Jerry’s time on the show was defined by his exceptional racing skills, memorable battles, and charismatic personality. He left a lasting impact on the show’s history, earning a place among the most revered racers in the franchise. Fans eagerly await his return; while his departure saddened fans, Jerry’s legacy lives on through his continued involvement in motorsports, forever associated with the thrilling world of street racing.

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