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Jeronimo Duran: Grandmom Discovers ‘Dangerous’ Grandson Slitting Tot Daughter’s Throat in Kitchen

Last week, Florida authorities released a 911 call related to last week’s death of a 2-year-old girl at the hands of her father. According to WTVJ, Jeronimo Duran’s grandmother discovered him on top of his daughter in the kitchen and called Pembroke Pines police. The grandmother, who speaks Spanish, told a 911 dispatcher that the toddler was blue and “pale” before responding officers found her with a laceration to her throat.

“I just got here, please send an ambulance,” the interpreter tells the dispatcher, relaying what the grandmother allegedly said. “I think the girl is unconscious. I don’t know what’s going on.” Authorities — who reportedly found the kitchen covered in blood — recovered a knife from the scene. TK reported that there was blood on the knife’s blade and handle.

According to reports, the victim’s mother took the girl and moved out. She claimed at the time that Duran, 33, was violent and posed a danger to her and their daughter.

A month after the pair moved out, a judge ordered that Duran and his ex would share parental responsibility. The judge also allowed Duran to watch his daughter unsupervised. The victim’s mother opposed the ruling, claiming Duran was involuntarily admitted into a mental facility five times under the Baker Act.

She also alleged that Duran had “a history of hearing voices to end his life, some while the child was with him alone.”

In court documents from June 2023, Duran admitted to having mental health issues which included anxiety. Though he said he was receiving treatment, he denied the rest of the allegations.

Duran was reportedly following the parental plan on Tuesday when he picked up his daughter, took her to his home, and killed her. Duran is charged with first-degree murder. He was ordered to remain jailed without bond.