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Jennifer Eckhart, a Fox News on-air personality and producer, has accused one of the network’s former high-ranking reporters, Ed Henry, of in a new lawsuit.

According to Eckhart’s LinkedIn page, she joined Fox News in January 2013 a producer on the Fox Business Network. Eckhart said that she worked on segments that involved luminaries such as Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and Elon Musk. Eckhart has also made appearances on Fox News Radio and on Fox Nation.

Eckhart alleges that Henry began preying on her when she joined the network in January 2013 at the age of 24. The producer and personality allege that Henry asked her to be his “sex slave” and referred to her as his “little w****.” Eckhart says that Henry threatened her with retaliation if she did not comply with his sexual demands. In addition, Eckhart said that she was raped at a hotel that was frequently used by Fox News to house people. This action, the lawsuit alleges, saw Fox News “whether knowingly or unknowingly” facilitating “Mr. Henry’s conduct.”

Jennifer Eckhart Age

Jennifer Eckhart’s age is unknown.

Lawsuit Accuses of Fox News’ Ed Henry of Rape

In the lawsuit, which was filed in the United States District Court Southern District of New York on July 20, Eckhart accuses Henry of ra_pe and of coercive $ex. Another Fox News personality, Cathy Areu, is named as a plaintiff in the lawsuit. Areu is accusing various Fox News personalities, including Sean Hannity, of $exual harassment. Both are represented by Michael Willemin of Wigdor LLP in the case.

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On June 25, Ed Henry was suspended by Fox News pending an investigation into allegations made against him. On July 1, Henry was fired by the network. Henry had been with Fox News since June 2011. It’s alleged that Eckhart told her superiors at Fox News that she had hired outside legal counsel with regard to her complaints against Henry.




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