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Jenna Ortega breaks her silence on the latest fashion failure at the premiere of ‘Scream VI’

Jenna Ortega’s fans were perplexed when they noticed a blue stain on her unusual outfit during the ‘Scream 6’ premiere. Hear what happened directly from the celebrity.

Jenna Ortega has joined the conversation. The Scream VI actress, 20, explained why she had a blue stain (seen on her right cleavage below) on the stunning Jean Paul Gaultier Couture dress she wore to the film’s premiere in Los Angeles on April 6. March in the title of a slideshow of images he tweeted from overnight.

“SCREAM VI premiere @screammovies,” he said, adding the hashtags “#tiffanyandco #sharpiestainwhogivesa—t, #imsosorryolivier.”

The hashtag from before to last seems to indicate that the ink from the Sharpie marker accidentally dirty her outfit, while the last hashtag refers to Olivier Rousteing, the designer of the unique dress. Evidently, Jenna wasn’t too distraught about the blue stain, so maybe the dress designer isn’t either!

Jenna’s outfit was created to look like a black jacket and a white button-down shirt that had been slightly unbuttoned, allowing it to be worn as a dress.

The white dress shirt served as the length of the garment and formed a deep V-neckline. The celebrity accessorized her fun ensemble with black heels, a silver and white necklace, and red lips.

Before Jenna addressed the controversy, social media users immediately noticed the smear in fans’ posts about the outfit.

In a side-by-side comparison of the dress worn by Jenna and the garment worn by a runway model, one fan commented:

“I wish I knew the story behind the stain.”

As Jenna posted photos of herself wearing the outfit, one fan joked that “the stain is actually a blue check mark.”

The Scream franchise’s official Instagram account also noticed the discoloration and thought it was blood. “How effectively does the crimson carpet hide blood stains?” asked the account.

Jenna recently opened up about her design sense and revealed that she was heavily influenced by Wednesday, the character who helped her achieve national recognition.

In a March 1 interview with New York Magazine’s The Cut, he stated:

“When I was working on Wednesday, I only wore black.” “I had no idea why. My closet has suddenly lost all its colors.”

This week he expressed the same sentiment in an interview. “I think that Wednesday significantly altered my tastes. “I have a hard time separating her from me, at least in terms of wardrobe,” she told InStyle on March 8.

“[Wearing gothic attire] is also something I have always wanted to achieve. I never felt like I could do it. I feel like there have always been numerous voices and ideas that I have given too much weight to.