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Jeanette Jennings and Greg Jennings are parents of Jazz Jennings, Transgender star Jazz Jennings of ‘I Am Jazz’ fame recently opened up about her weight gain and how she was embarrassed by her own family, something that has left the young reality icon devastated. Jazz, 21, had previously opened up about her struggles with depression and anxiety, along with the postoperative limitations of gender transformation surgery. Her parents, Greg and Jeanette Jennings have been criticized time and again for overloading Jazz with expectations of her.

Harvard University student Jazz Jennings spoke candidly about her weight gain in the trailer for the upcoming season of TLC’s ‘I Am Jazz’. She also uncovered her binge eating disorder and increased appetite as a side effect of some of her medications. However, she shared that her family constantly embarrasses her in one way or another. “I experience the shame of my family. It makes me feel really humiliated,” she shares. In another scene from the trailer, her family can be seen questioning her about the amount of butter in her pasta.

Fat family – embarrasses YouTuber with eating disorder

Jennings came out as transgender at the age of five and has received support from her parents throughout her gender transition journey. However, his parents were often criticized by viewers for their authoritarian nature, which often wreaked havoc on Jazz’s sanity.

Jazz is the youngest of Greg and Jeanette Jennings’ four children, which also include Ariel, 22, and twins Sander and Griffen. The Jennings started the TransKid Purple Rainbow Foundation to help other trans kids like Jazz. His mother Jeanette is also particularly known for starting the #JazzHans movement on social media to raise awareness of trans kids.

Parents became famous for allowing their children to undergo expensive hormonal therapies and medications from early childhood. In fact, Greg once proudly shared in an interview with ABC, “Jeanette and I are 100 percent in agreement on how we should raise Jazz. We do not encourage, we support. And we keep listening to what he tells us. ”

The family also resisted death threats from transphobic people when their show first aired, at a time when awareness of gender identity was highly regressive. However, behind their “perfect parents” facade, viewers have often detected certain unwanted traits in Greg and Jeanette’s attitude toward Jazz.

Some of the fans couldn’t help but notice how the reality star was often pressured by her family to act a certain way and make decisions that they thought were correct. One of the best examples of this was Jazz’s decision to choose a college.

Jazz had to decide whether he wanted to go to Pomona College or Harvard University. Although everyone suggested that Harvard would be a better fit for her, Jazz thought otherwise. She thought she would feel right at home in Pomona as she hinted that she didn’t want to take the stress that came with Harvard University. Ultimately, she focused on Harvard, which many felt was a forced decision by her parents.

Jazz also hinted that she feels the pressure to be a role model for everyone around her and broke down in tears when she admitted that she was struggling to regain her sanity. Now, she has openly criticized her family, which includes her parents, brothers, and her grandmother, for embarrassing her quite often.

“Two years ago, I was heading to one of the best institutions in the world, but in reality, I was seriously struggling with mental health issues. I started bingeing and gained weight and more weight and more weight. And now, almost 100 pounds heavier, here I am today, “he shared as he revealed his current weight at 234 pounds. “With all this extra weight, I can’t do as many things with my body that I could before,” she admitted.

While venting about her battle with binge eating, Jazz Jennings shared how she wanted to lose weight for herself and her family, but she was afraid of disappointing them. “Really the most important thing I’m trying to do is love my body for what it is. Even though I’m trying to lose weight and get healthier, I have yet to learn how to feel comfortable in my own skin right now,” she said. she said she in the trailer.

Meanwhile, her mother complains about Jazz’s weight gain and says, “Even when we think we’re doing something right, she falls off the wagon.”

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