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Jayne Carpenter, from Merthyr Tydfil, died on December 7, aged 53, an inquest heard on Tuesday, December 15.

Mr Carpenter had offered his wife unwavering support during her life-threatening battle with sepsis in May 2016 and the subsequent amputation of three of her limbs.

Over the last three years, Jayne had devoted her life to campaigning to raise awareness of the condition and credited her husband with helping her through her recovery, saying she “couldn’t have asked for anyone more supportive”. On Tuesday, Mr Carpenter shared a photograph of Jayne on Facebook and wrote: “The brightest star in my sky has burnt out”.

He also shared details of a forthcoming sepsis fundraising event, saying it will be “the last act that Jayne will do to help those who need help”.

Many who knew Jayne have shared tributes on social media, describing her as inspirational, beautiful, and kind, with TV presenter Andrea Byrne posting on Twitter: “I met Jayne a couple years ago and filmed with her last year. We’d kept in touch since. She was truly amazing.”

Jayne had initially thought her symptoms were a simple cold but she quickly deteriorated to such an extent she was rushed into intensive care at the Prince Charles Hospital three years ago. She was lucky to survive after she went into respiratory failure and suffered multiple organ failure shortly afterward.

In a desperate attempt to save her life, both her legs and an arm were amputated. Jayne, who worked as a nurse practitioner at the Royal Gwent Hospital, said the rollercoaster of events that followed her admission was “devastating beyond all belief”.

Recounting her fight against sepsis afterward, Jayne said: “One minute I had a cough then the next I was on a life-support machine.

“The doctor told Robert that I was suffering from neutropenic sepsis and said ‘She will die if we don’t amputate’. All Robert wanted to know was whether I was going to live.”

As gangrene set into many of her limbs while she lay in hospital, the decision was made to amputate both of Janye’s legs from the knee down, her left arm from the elbow down and four fingers from her right hand.

Jayne has never shied away from the impact of such a massive operation and the immeasurable life-changing effects on her quality of life.

In a heartbreaking interview with WalesOnline, Jayne said: “I went from being a fiercely independent woman, with 30 years working in nursing, to becoming totally dependant on other people with every aspect of daily living. I just could not accept what had happened to me.”

But her devoted husband Rob stood by her and gave his wife unwavering support as she gradually rebuilt her life. The couple became a familiar sight at many fundraising events and campaigns across Wales, with Jayne speaking publicly about her battle with sepsis.

Yet despite making remarkable progress and managing to eventually walk unaided with the help of prosthetics, Jayne admitted she may never fully come to terms with what happened.

Jayne Carpenter Age

Jayne Carpenter was 53 years old.

Cause of Death

Jayne Carpenter, from Merthyr Tydfil, died on December 7, aged 53, an inquest heard on Tuesday, December 15. Her body was found by her husband, Rob, when he returned to the couple’s home in Williamstown late on Monday afternoon at around 4.30 pm.

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He had last spoken to Jayne on the phone earlier that day after she called him to remind him to collect the dog. Assistant coroner for South Wales Central, Rachel Knight, heard how upon entering the house, Mr Carpenter found his wife of 20 years with a ligature around her neck.

“The emotions I have felt can be equated to a grieving process,” she said last year. “I have grieved not only the loss of my limbs, but also for the life I once had and the ease and ability to do so many things that we all take for granted.

“Living life as a quadruple amputee is so incredibly hard, and staying strong is frequently harder than you can imagine.”

Miss Knight said the cause of Mrs Carpenter’s death was “pending further investigation” and adjourned the inquest to February 17, 2022.


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