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Jason Foster is a Contestant in Bachelorette, a reality show wherein her quest to find true love, a single woman gets a chance to date various men over a period of several weeks and decide whom she will marry.

Of all the strange entrances on The Bachelorette, Jason Foster’s ranks high on the list. In a riff on Clare’s own limo entrance during Juan Pablo’s season of The Bachelor, he stuffed his shirt with a pillow to appear pregnant. It was definitely a choice, but Jason’s Instagram explains it: he’s unapologetically corny.

He graduated from Rhode Island University with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in 2012.

Jason works as an account manager at Signature Consultants, an IT staffing and recruiting company.

According to his LinkedIn, Jason entered the NFL in 2012. He played for the Indianapolis Colts for six months before moving on to the Oakland Raiders and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, spending about a year with each team. He then briefly played in the Canadian Football League before retiring.

Jason Foster scored the coveted first one-on-one date on Clare Crawley’s season of The Bachelorette — and while the date was different, it did give us a little insight into this former NFL player. Clare took Jason out to basically have a therapy session so they could open up about all their issues (and burn Clare’s dress that she wore while getting dumped by Juan Pablo Galavis), and we got to know him so much better. Though all of Jason’s admissions about his faults and insecurities felt like they were going into emotional territory, what they really did was give him the opportunity to be vulnerable in a way he clearly hasn’t been before. Clare happily hands over a rose to keep him around, so we felt it was time to learn even more about him.


Jason Foster Age

Jason Foster is 31 years old.


Jason’s Instagram bio jokes that he’s a “regular at WaWa and Wegmans Buffet line,” a semi-local convenience store and grocer. His page features photos mostly with friends and family, with the occasional throwback photo from his football days.

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He shared a photo of his time on The Bachelorette in which he appears to be nervously laughing with the caption: “The face you make when you realize, welp, here we go. I have no idea what the hell I’m doing, but let’s enjoy the ride and see where it goes. I hope you all enjoy this season!”



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